2008 Ford Taurus

Anybody happen to drive one of these? I was wondering if anybody carried boats on this model of car. I’m buying one on Wednesday and hope to transport a couple boats on vacations…Thanks for any replys…

Check with rack
makers to see if they make a rack for your car. Some of the rooflines are too rounded to allow for safe rack use.


Need a third party rack

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Yakima or Thule - if you get one of them the car will haul boats fine. The original cross members on those cars aren't up to the weight of two boats.

That said, we've carried as many as three sea kayaks or two sea kayaks and two WW boats, or two sea kayaks and two bikes (longest length bars for that) on the wagon versions of this car on Yakima rails in towers mounted into the slot that supports the car's own roof rack.

That's assuming that roof slot is still there on the 2008's - is it?

2008’s are totally different
then the older models. No factory roof rack on the sedans…and totally different body design. The current Taurus is what Ford badged the 500 for about 2-3 yrs. They brought back the Taurus name because they weren’t doing well with the name 500. The Taurus X is the all wheel drive wagon version that used to be the Ford Freestyle.

OK then

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I had caught the change of the Freestyle to the Taurus X, had lost track that the 500's were rebranded.
So... if there is no factory roof option, are foam blocks and straps the only way to carry boats on the roof of the sedan? (I know the Freestyle has a rack.)

Tom, it’s true that the Yakima bar
interval on our 2008 Accord is down to 30", compared to about 40" on our 2000 Accord, but I have to hesitation about carrying two canoes or a bunch of kayaks on the racks. Wider spacing is better, but 30" is enough.

If I pass you on the side of the road
Ill wave.

It’s a Mazda dude.

Yakima or Thule
I did a quick search and Yakima and Thule make a fit kit for this car. You should be able to haul boats but will need to get a third party roof rack.

Our hauler
is a - ford FOCUS and with our Thule rack we only get 24" between bars per Thule’s instruction. Looks pretty funny with our 17’ Spirit II perched on top. I drive a Contour and haven’t found a rack made for it. If I use sponges the canoe will rest on it’s gunnels in between the sponges because the roof is too rounded. It also doesn’t have the strength to support the weight so the roof does a bit of oil canning.


hmm different experience here
When I had a focus, the thule roof rack didn’t deform the roof at all regardless of weight, it attached to the structural members above the doors. I carried a 17’ kayak on it for two years (from and rear tie-downs of course).

Contour roof deformed, yes? NM

No focus problems
due to rack. Works just fine. It’s the contour that has problems. It has made the roof a little wavy in spots on the conty but I am not all that concerned. The '98 conty ,as my kids call it, has 195,000 miles on it. It is still going strong but I don’t think it will last forever (will it?). We don’t haul with it anymore though.


doh! my reading skills need practice

As long
as Thule or Yakima or both make a clip kit to fit the 2008 Taurus then there is an option for putting an after market roof rack on it.

If the OP does a quick look at either manufacturer’s website they’ll know pretty easily what will work.

thanks for the advice…

I saw the ultimate kayak/canoe hauler
last week at Lake Natomas. Guy had a late 80’s Mercury Colony Park station wagon with 2 17’ sea kayaks on top. The chrome plated factory rack was used with heavy duty neoprene (or similar) for padding…he could have hauled a bass boat as this rack was strong. I swear if I find a “wally wagon” in good condition, I’ll solve my problem of hauling with my Mazda 6 Sedan. Besides, I do like that retro look with the wood sides, big V8, and a ride like a Lazy Boy. Heck, fold the rear seats and I have a mini-motor home camper to go for a few grand…lol.