2008 Freestyle canoe symposium?


Does anyone know if there will be another freestyle canoe symposium in the adarondacs this year and,if so,when and where?


08 Adk FS Symposium
20-24 July, probably Star Lake.

contact Tom MacKenzie
at loonworks@sprynet.com He runs the event.

2008 Freestyle Symposium
I saw Tom Mackenzie a few weeks ago. It’s definitely Star Lake, July 20-24.

Marc Ornstein

Dogpaddle Canoe Works

Don’t have to wait that long
Hopefully, one of the freeestylers will share with you the date of the spring affair in Louisianna. I’m thinking it’s in April sometime.

It would be real nice to head down there for some early season, warm weather paddling.

La Lou

April 4,5,6.

I have to drive a looong way for that one so …I propose a day or camping trip before.