2008 Subaru Outback "stock" crossbars

I have a 2008 Subaru Outback and the tremendous Malone car racks for my two Wilderness Systems Kayaks.

The racks each weight about 22 pounds each set and my two kayaks total about 120. The racks will be near the outside of the crossbars that say they have a 100 pound limit.

My total weight will be about 165 pounds.

Has anyone put something like this on the “stock” crossbars?

I do plan to get the upgrad bars soon, but not by this weekend.


Bill Schultz

I have a '99 OB that’s had two sets of Malones on it for years with no problems. Can’t say about the newer ones, just check the hardware once in a while.

I swapped our '04
bars out immediately. No way I’d trust the weak attachment to the factory rails. Once I put Yakima attachments, bars, and J cradles, I hauled three kayaks stuffed with gear for a total load of easily over 200 pounds a bunch of times at highway speeds. Longest trip was 16 hours.

way over Subarus recommended
weight rating for cars w/factory racks. I think Subaru limits it at 100lbs. and Thule says their rack on a Subaru factory rail is rated 120lbs. Recently had a customer tell me his factory rack came off while driving with a Hobie leg-powered kayak strapped down to it.

Not the
first time I have heard this about subies! In fact I have not heard of any car other than subies loosing a factory rack.

2009 Outback
I have a 2009 Outback (not sure if the factory bars are the same or different, likely the same), and I replaced the factory bars with a Yakima rack set. We use Malone J-cradles and carry two 16-17’ poly kayaks on them. I cannot say whether the factory bars would have failed, but I did not have much confidence in them. We have not had any issues with the Yakima racks.

Thanks everyone, good replies.

If I was only going to carry my Tarpon, I’d feel better about the stock racks, but with the second kayak I’m going to get the upgrade crossbars so I don’t have to worry.

I do “LOVE” my Malone racks. They go on so easily and quickly. The Sea Wing is perfect for the SOT and my wifes Tsunami 135 can go on a second Sea Wing or the J style.