2009 Dagger Torrent

Looks like the Perception Torrent has been re-branded Dagger for 2009. Anyone know what changes, (including cost) if any have been made to this boat. Thinking about buying one and trying to decide whether I  should get a close out model or wait for the 2009's. Thanks.

Another boat
for you Allsky? I would have thought once you got the Tsunami you’d never need another boat again?? You’ve got BAS bad man.

If You
only knew. Boats to the left of me and boats to the right. LOL. I paddled the Pegasus and liked it but think the Torrent might be a better big guy boat. I have a few friends that come visit and it would also be a good boat for them to paddle on WW. That’s the excuse I’m using.

BTW…I’m also considering a Nova Craft Prospector 15 canoe. TOTALLY…out of control. :slight_smile:

Torrent is a great boat
I’ve paddled it and the Pegasus and both are a lot of fun. The Torrent is more rounded and has no keel at all for tracking (Pegasus does better on flat sections). The Torrent really spins on a dime.

Did a flatwater trip on it this evening and the long boaters were all drooling over it and wishing they could have the fun I was having…

Mine is at least 3 years old and I think the same as the last year’s Perception model. Only thing it need for longer trips is a little bit of a seat for comfort.

I’ve heard rumors that people have rolled the Torrent, but that would not be easy at 31 inches wide.


no change and yes
the Torrent can be rolled. done it many times…never in ‘combat’ as I’ve never flipped in it but lots of times to ‘show off’! :slight_smile:

The boat was re-branded, as was the WS Kaos, to Dagger, our “Mountains to the Sea” brand.

Torrent= whitewater

Pegasus= touring crossover


all for the info. Sounds like the Torrent would be a good choice.