2009 the Cahaba River, Alabama Trip

In 2009 I plan to paddle the entire Cahaba River and see the Cahaba lillies in bloom. The trip is for pleasure and without agenda so far. If you are interested then post here or send me an e-mail.

I will have an itinerary planned by March 1

Paddlin’ on


I’m interested
I can see the put in for the start of your trip from my office window (Highway 11) in Trussville. How long do you think it will take you to paddle the Cahaba? I guess you are talking about a May trip?

May on the Cahaba

Yes I am planning May sometime but not sure of the start date. Until I plan the itinerary I will not know how long it will take but I plan on making it a wonderful trip because I love Alabama. I will also let the media and whoever enjoy and use the publicity for the good of the river.

If you would like to send me an e-mail Richard@georgiakayaker.com I will keep you posted on the progress which I will start planning soon.

Also I appreciate all constructive ideas.


I too am interested
I live near the Cahaba. Sounds like a great trip. I’ll send you my email address.

Plans are progressing

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I couldn't wait any longer to start planning. The excitement was too much.

The trip will take 14 days and it looks like I will start the last week of May in Clay as the Cahaba Lily Festival will be happening in West Blocton. The trip should mirror the festival and feed of the publicity.

Plans are for a group of 30 to join for week 2 (Saturday - Saturday) and paddle for thi last week. The group will be fed when possible but other times each will be responsible for carring their food plus their camping gear.

A shuttle will be provided to return all paddlers to the put-in site after our celebration dinner and our final campsite in Cahaba.

Interested, but not sure if we will be
"home" in the SE at that time, or out west. Will try to follow developments as you post them.

As usual GK
I’d love to join you, at least for part of it. We’ll have to see what happens.

I was hoping you would

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including John and Randy. You gotta show up sometime so I can meet the new wife and I'm sure we'll paddle together before.

I plan to start in Clay on May 20/21 and reach Booth's Ford (where ever that is) by May 30th. Booth's Ford is a popular put-in where there is enough water (mostly) to paddle. Should take 7 days to reach Cahaba and will garner 20-30 paddlers (total) to join.


Sounds Fun
Put me on the email list. I would love to join for a few days. Maybe, even longer is the trip carries over until after school lets out. (Summer: another great thing about my job) Keep my posted