2011 Necky Looksha 12 seat upgrade

I have the 2011 Looksha 12 with the original ACS seat. Never cared for it too much and get lower back pain after a few hours. I am considering replacing it for the ACS 2.0 seat which will cost about $300. Can anyone who has experience with both seats tell me if they think the differences are significant enough to spend the money? I am also considering adding the rudder option which would be roughly another $300, which leads to my other dilemma. Questioning if I should invest $600 in upgrades or sell it and buy a newer kayak with those upgrades already installed. For what its worth, this kayak cost me $600 new and retailed for closer to $1200 so I am not really opposed to putting money into it if the upgrades are cost effective.

I’ve never used the original ACS seat. I recently purchased a Manitou 14 for my rocky river boat. The ACS2.0 seat suits me very well. Your opinion may differ. Try one out if you can. Here’s one on e-bay…http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Necky-Kayak-Active-Comfort-System-2-0-ACS-II-/162635654545?epid=2186887345&hash=item25ddd72591:g:DWAAAOSwz0xZlgdu
If you could sell your boat for $600 and add another 400 or so to it, you could pick up the newest and last version of the Looksha or Manitou and have the rudder or skeg already installed with the newer seat. Not to mention the wonderful hatch covers!
If you happen to live in central Florida, you could test paddle mine.