2011 Outside Magazine kayak of the year

Anybody have any experience or knowledge of the Elie Strait 140XE? Back ordered one yesterday through REI.I figure that with the free shipping for in store pickup,100% customer satisfaction it can’t hurt to order one without having tried it out.It did win the 2011 Outside Magazine kayak of the year award so it must be a pretty good boat for the $1100 price.The 10% REI rebate will cover the tax.

I don’t think anyone here regards Outside mag as having much authority on anything paddling related. My take on their gear reviews is pretty jaded.

That said, you never know, it could be a good boat.

Ellie is Pelican’s attempt at a respectable touring kayak brand. Never paddled them but i hope for your sake that its a blast.

Have fun with it, and let us know how it goes.

Will see
Thanks for the info re Outside Mag boat reviews.The 100% customer satisfaction return policy of REI may well be used.

Boat looks good
I found this re the 120, which will be partially relevant:


Looks like these boats were released in Europe first, so you may find some more reviews there. To me, it looks like a very good beginner-intermediate boat. If you ever outgrow it, I wager it would be a good one to keep around as a loaner for people new to the sport. I have a CD Pachena that is like this, a great intro for new paddlers - I paddle it occasionally too, even though I have moved up to a ‘better’ touring boat.

The boat is made in Quebec
and has been out in Canada for at least a year (although there may have been slight upgrades for this season). Both our local outfitters have plenty of Strait 120 and 140 models in stock and seem happy to recommend them regarding the quality of the fittings and rigidity of the plastic.

I’ve only seen one on the water though; it was making steady progress across a wind blown lake. It looked very nice.

the world’s most forgiving kayak
If you are about to capsize, you can get out without your hair getting wet.

Good boat for a small person or women
One dealer wrote that the Elie 14XE is a good boat for a women or smaller paddlers.I believe it will be fine for my wife at 140 lbs,5’7" tall.I will try hers out when it comes in.The positive flotation is 285 lbs which is plenty for her with gear if swamped but may not be enough for me @ 5’10" and 190 lbs.

Thanks for the link to the UK review.Looks good!Hopefully Outside Magazine got this one right.Fingers are crossed.

don’t get fixated on numbers
I know it’s what is provided in catalogs but that bit of data will have little relevance on the water.


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Seems similar to Swift's Kiwassa 12.6, i.e. 12.5' by 24.+" waterline. [We don't count the 140's 18" bow projection 'cause it's out of the water.] The Swift weighs a scaled 32lbs.

As I age, the weight thing becomes an issue. I don't think a 50 plus pound anything, and published weights are almost always low, would be my boat of the year.