2011 Wilderness System Tsunami 140


I own a 2011 tsunami 140 and I’ve been thinking about selling it, I don’t have a lot of time for it and I might be moving to an area where there isn’t a lot of good kayaking spots. I bought the kayak used for $760 in February '13, it has the normal scratches but other than that, its in really good condition. I was wondering what I should ask for it? If I do sell it, I want it to get sold pretty quickly. I will probably be selling the rest of my kayaking gear at the same time (PFD, paddle float, skirt, paddle, clothing,dry bags etc) and was thinking of selling it as bundle. Any ideas for asking price?

I got $800 for mine
Back in April of this year, I sold my 2008 Tsunami 140 (with a rudder) for $800. It had the typical scratches, but was in fine shape.