2012 Tempest Pro 170/180

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I can get a 2012 model Tempest Pro 170 or 180 for $2500. I am curious why they have models that are 3 years old but no non current stock from 2013-2014.

Is there a major difference from the 2012 model to the current model?

Tempest history
The poly boats are made in the US, and as far as I know there has not been production issues. In 2009 WS switched production of the composite boats to China that continued through 2012. In 2013 the boats began being made in Estonia. They are actually a few pounds heavier but with more robust (nicer) construction.

The best source for this information I found is on the Kayak Academy website.


not rebuy untol sell old stock
Interesting history from pbenter. But there could also be a simpler answer - the dealer doesn’t want to buy new versions of a model until they have sold the old models.

Composite boats are slow sellers nowadays. A show I used to teach for had a Looksha Elite on the shelf for a few years, and wasn’t going to buy a replacement until that one was sold.

tempest pro
the 2006-2012 models were made in china. I think in 2012 they halted production. The model years begin in the previous year so the 2012 ones were made in 2013. I think thats how it was. In 2013 they are made in estonia and are said to be beefier. I havent seen one so cant say but they also changed the seat. I’m not sure thats better or worse. I changed my tempest seat around alot anyway. I have a 2010 china tempest pro. I went through 3 china boats before I was completely happy with a 2010 china boat. That one is pretty solid and seemed beefed up since even the 2009 model. I have added fiberglass reinforcing to my 2010 and would do it again if I were to get another china model, but I wouldnt NOT get it. I would make sure I could see it and touch it before I get it. Tempest has a great hull design regardless of the year. I would love to check out the 2013 and later models. I still am wishing they add some more color choices though.

2009-2012 models…not 2006 as I mistakenly said in my last post

I can only venture to guess…
That the store you are buying from simply has no new stock on these boats because they still have a few from three years ago.

I’d bet that they still have these models because they are just too fucking big - no one wants them. The 165 fits most normal folks and carries enough while handling better than its bigger cousins.

How would a 165 that has a 22" beam handle a 6’ 1" 260 lb guy looking for his first kayak?

Tempest 165?
I think the Tempest 165 is just too small for you. I have a 36" waist, took the hip pads out, and feel like I am near the limit for the Tempest 170. You need to sit is some boats. Like you, I have a long torso. This makes kayaking a bit tricker for us, as the center of gravity is higher for us sticking up out of the boat.

I might suggest not looking for the perfect first boat. Get a nice comfortable craft, but not a tub, with regular sea kayak features and a comfortable cockpit. See if you really like the sport, then decide on your next boat. I sold my first kayak after a year for about a $200 reduction in what I paid.

the 165 is not 22" like the 170. Its 21.5".

I’m 6’2" and it fits me well, but I’m #160. It depends on if that weight is fat or muscle, if muscle, I’d say you’d fit in the boat, but still be pushing the safe weight limit.

At #260 the boat is going to handle like it’s fully loaded all of the time. Get the 170.

Agree with above, 165 is not your boat
It is closer my boat and I am a tone smaller than you. But I am not sure you need a 180 either. Try to find a way to sit in these boats.