2015 Honda Odyssey

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Anyone have any luck finding a roof rack for this van that does not have factory rails? I had no problem fitting a Yakima rack on my last one which was a 2003. Wish I would have never bought this van without side rails.

does dealer have them?
Can’t you buy a set from the dealer? Pricy I’m sure.

Maybe something here?


Yep, already tried all these options.
I gave auto anything a call just to be sure after I saw your posts. They confirmed there are no roof racks available for the 2015 ody with naked roof. Buyer beware!

Yakima Landing Pads Your Best Solution
Check the roof, for there just might be pre-existing holes to screw the Landing Pads down on. Or just drill your own holes through the roof where you want them. Two types: the type you have to remove the headliner and bolt or leave headliner on and screw on. Then mount the towers to them and add the crossbars.

2 sliding side doors? That’d be my guess for Thule’s “no-fit”.

Get a set of Thule Top Tracks or KIT3114 + 460 Podium Foot Pack and take it to your local body shop/dealer to install. Option would be to self install if you’re feeling up to drilling holes in your roof.

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Had same challenge and finally had
dealer install factory rails on 2012 oddy. Believe they’re available for the 2015. Then scored some Yakima cross bars (58") with clips that join the bars to the oval oddy rails on eBay for about 1/2 retail. We use bow and stern ties to take some load off the clips that hold bars to the rails. Rick

Just a thought…
before drilling into the roof to install “landing pads” or similar. You may want to be certain you don’t drill into any side mounted airbags that may be in your roof!

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