2016 Fall Ozark Canoe Rendezvous

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"I know you think you understood what I said, but what I said was not what I meant." Except maybe Vic REALLY meant what he said: "Let someone else start the next thread." Okay, it's about time to start thinking about fall paddling in the Ozarks. I'm thinking about it, but to actually make the trip south - and get back home before winter hits the Yukon - gives me pause.

Third week of October, 17th-23rd, traditional gathering at Pulltite campground off Hwy 19 on the Current River, attendance open to all who show up for all or any part of the week?

Did I miss any important details?


Pulltite ???
I thought we were going to do 4 days, and 3 nights on the Buffalo river for the Fall Rendezvous… What

a bummer dude!


Missed conversation … ?
Maybe I missed a discussion or two at Ozark?

Just thought it was about time to start this.

Dates should be 10/12 to 10/16
When we decided to “set” dates a few years back it was spring was the 1st weekend of May and fall would be 3rd weekend of October - so that would make this Fall Rendezvous October 12 - 16 as that is the 3rd weekend. We “set” these dates for the folks who had to put in vacation ahead of time, some of us have to put in a vacation request up to 6 months ahead of time. If I am wrong on the dates someone please let me know.



I was day dreaming, and jesting about the Buffalo.

A rendezvous trip like I described is “never gonna happen”.


I’m ready for fall … Camping and paddli
And for this fall rendezvous,I won’t care if I’m granted vacation or not lol …

Hi. Could you clarify the dates for the Fall Rendevous? Thanks!

Go with Pam: the third WEEKEND of October, so 12-16.


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Some folks in the past have needed to stay in cabins in the area due to special needs. Another option for cabins and/or camping will be available when Echo Bluff State Park (On Sinking Creek, near Round Spring) opens up in a few weeks. I'll get some pics and post them as soon as I can get in there. At least a person would be certain of hot water since a bureaucrat in D.C. won't be making the decision on when to cut it off?

Pam’s got it right
I have put the Fall Rendezvous down as the third weekend in October on my calendar with an annual repeat until long after I’m dead. The third weekend in October this year is Sat., Oct. 16, and Sunday, Oct 17. Right now I plan to show up at Pulltite on Mon., Oct 10, or Tue., Oct. 11.

And hey Jack, welcome to the Old Farts Club. Membership is free if you don’t count all those years of working five plus days a week.

PS: I only said I wouldn’t start the thread, that didn’t mean I would not add my two cents now and then :slight_smile:

thanks Vic
its starting to feel real especially with all these fu#$%$g doctor appointments back to back lol two more months of rotating shifts and ill be home free …now i need to figure out how to get the Wifey out of here

Helicopter echo bluff
HayTerry, I checked out the Web site for the new state park. It looks down right spiffy. Then I checked it out on Google earth. It looks like all of the river front camp sites are reserved for helicopter pilots. No danger of flooded camp ground here.

Paddling sinking creek would be a nice addition. We would be cool with either loaction, since they are both on the shuttle rout.

Hmmm, Already Reserved?
You’re funny, Tom (LOL)! I wonder if they just don’t have the web site ready to take reservations yet? I PLAN on being at Pulltite, but if the NPS starts their shennanigans, we have options as do those who need a solid roof and electricity.

Right Terry
And if they keep up their shenanigans we may need water too.

Election year
There will be more than enough shenanigans with the election. NPS will not have to add any more this year.

Checked Out Echo Bluff
A few small trees in the camping area so it would resemble camping in a parking lot right now. Will check out the food in the lodge soon and see if it’s a viable option for those not wanting to cook or drive to Emminence.

Current on the current?
It looks like we cleared the first hurdle in that the kids will be on fall break. Second hurdle will be sport tournaments, but that’s looking good also, although it’s early yet. So I’m allowing myself to start toying with the idea of making the fall trip. Last spring, we brought along enough boats for a small rental service because we really didn’t know what to expect on the Buffalo. So tell us about the Current. Looks like very mild water. Will the day trips be about the same length? I wouldn’t mind to bring the WW boats if the length was about the same as on the Buffalo, and would definitely bring them if there was going to be the possibility of a side trip on a little more playful stream. So, what should we expect hanging with you beautiful souls again for the 2nd time?


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I think its safe to say its a lot like the flows we saw on the Buffalo between Ozark and Hasty after the rains. (Perhaps last time you didn't arrive at the Buffalo on the first day when the levels were soooo low.) The Current is spring fed and isn't as rain dependent as the Buffalo. It usually holds its levels more consistently. Its not as exciting as the Ponca/Erby stretch, but it requires some maneuvering and line-picking. We usually do 10 or 12 miles per day and self shuttle, though there are often those among us who might leave early and do 16 or 18/day. The last stretch, Round Spring to Two Rivers, is a bit longer. If the water levels are up its not unheard of for us to do a longer day on the Jack's Fork which is within a long shuttle distance from the Pulltite campground. The Jack's would be a little closer if we camp at Sinking Cr which is very near Round Spring.

Jacks Fork and Current
The Jacks Fork and Current Rivers are pretty much all Class I water. I recall one rapid on the upper Jacks on the so-called Prongs that I might rate as an easy Class II. Just like the Buffalo, the major real hazard on these rivers are root wads and other strainers.

There is the occasional surfable wave. The stream bottoms are primarily gravel and depending on water level, you might experience some scraping now and then. Some people bring composite boats but most opt for Royalex or polyethylene. You certainly don’t need a whitewater boat, but the pace of the trips will be such that if you are paddling a whitewater boat, you won’t be struggling to keep up.

The access points on the Current tend to be between 7 and 9 river miles apart. The stretch from Round Spring to Two Rivers is more like 18 miles, as Pat said. Certainly quite doable as a day trip even in a whitewater canoe, but probably not many will opt to do it.

There are other rivers in the area such as the Big Piney, but they and the upper Jacks Fork are much more rain dependent than the Current, so unless it is an unusually wet autumn, I would not count on them flowing.

ONSR map
Here is a pdf file containing the National Park Service map for the ONSR showing access points and river miles:


At typical autumn water levels the Current can usually be paddled from Cedargrove down, although the stretch from Cedargrove down to Welch Spring can be scrapy. The Jacks Fork can be paddled from Alley Spring down.

Most times in autumn the rivers are too low to comfortably paddle above Alley on the Jacks, or above Cedargrove on the Current, but there have been exceptions.