2018 Baffin P2 Rear Hatch Leaks

Hi there,
My new Baffin P2 rear hatch leaks. There appears to be an adequate seal around the flange. I filled the skeg area with water and it does not drain inside the boat. The only indication that it leaks is the 1L or so of water inside the boat after I paddle. The day hatch and front hatch covers contract and expand depending upon the temperature . The rear hatch does not. The first Baffin was replaced
Because this problem was unfixable. Thanks
To the reputable dealer. The replacement has the same issue but not
For same reason.

Has any other Baffin owners experienced this issue and what was the fix if they did ?


Is there a tiny hole in the rear bulkhead to allow the rear hatch to equalize the pressure?
If the skeg isn’t leaking, the water is probably being sucked in by a vacuum effect at the rear hatch. Is there usually water sitting in the recessed area around the hatch cover?

Hi, I will have a look around the bulkhead for a tiny hole . The water does sit around the hatch cover and does not seem to seep in when the cover is off. Thanks for this I will post my results. Thanks again

As a fellow Baffin owner, I wish you luck! My hatches are bone dry, but I’ve only paddled 4 times on a lake so far in my new-to-me 2012 C1Baffin.

This is a great resource! http://gnarlydognews.blogspot.com/2011/11/shop-repair-cracking-coaming.html
Wish I’d found it earlier.

I recall seeing discussion somewhere about inadequate sealant used on the hatch rims (as they are not a molded piece on Boreal plastic boats).

Thanks for the comments folks