2018 RAV4 roof rails

Have to replace a 2007 Subaru Outback that had great roof rails for hauling our sea-kayaks, with Yakima cross bars (front-end was totaled by a guy running a red light - luckily we both walked away). Celia got my attention with the 2018 RAV4 Adventure model that has “black roof rails”. But my wife would prefer the hybrid that has “standard” roof rails. Does anyone know if the “black roof rails” on the Adventure model actually have different material or higher capacity? I can’t find any specs at all for the roof rail capacity on the Toyota website.

The black roof rails look identical to the regular ones so I think it’s safe to assume that all the black stuff is for aesthetics only. The load capacity should be fine for you in any case. One of the main things the Adventure offers in terms of unique content is the ability to tow 3500 pounds due to a bigger engine radiator plus an oil cooler and a transmission cooler, which is impressive since most small crossovers are rated for 1500 pounds or less. Seems like the increased ride height would be nice too.

I have a 2009 Rav4 with 3.5 liter v-6. Currently has 126K on it and still runs like new. Have some dings on it, but still carries my boats easily. Been hoping that it would die on me so I could get a new one, but as it runs the way it does, I can’t in good conscience get rid of it.

In case it’s useful for anyone else, I went to the Toyota dealer, and the roof rails on the standard RAV4 had small print saying “maximum load 100 lbs evenly distributed”. I couldn’t see anything on the “black roof rails” on the Adventure model but they looked identical except for the color. A little less load rating than I’d like for two kayaks with cross-bars and saddles, but I assume it is conservative.

Had my canoe on the factory rails/crossbars of my friends Rav4 several times - on edge so his kayak would fit on the other side.

Time for the snowy drive home

Once was a 5-hour trip up to Maine - never had a problem.

That is reassuring.