2018 Tsunami 140 vs older Tsunami 140

I know the Tsunami was overhauled for 2018. I’ve been told the changes were minor but I’m seeking clarification. Many of the basic dimensions are shown differently between the two. 2016 brochure shows width 24", depth 15.25", cockpit size 19.5 x 35.5, max capacity 300 LB.

2018 specs per the website: 25.5" wide, deck height 14", cockpit size 20 x 35.75, max capacity 325LB.

Can anybody speak the differences in feel between the two and offer any input on these differences in specs? Either the boat changed or they changed how they measure.

speed and ease of paddling is related to the length-v-width.
Long and narrow boats are faster so when you keep the length but add width,. the boat goes slower. You may or may not notice the loss of speed from that extra 1.5" in width.
I am more concerned with hull shape.
All the Tsunami-145 I have seen have a wider bow which adds cargo space but makes reaching hull speed a pain and when you stop paddling, that wider bow slows you down real fast. Is the bow long and narrow like a crocodile or wide and blunt like an alligator?

The 2018 iteration of the 140 and 145 are a little wider than the older boats, and do feel a little more sluggish than the older versions. My guess is that Confluence felt they had the Stratos in the Dagger line for those who want a sportier 14 footer and enough other higher performance boats in the WS line like the Zephyr and Tempest series that they could upsize the Tsunamis to fit bigger people than before without really losing customers. On the upside, with the new boats, they’ve lost the useless day hatch from the older Tsunamis, so at least the back deck has more useable space for storing paddle float, pump, etc.

Thanks for the input. I’ve paddled the 2018 140 and found it to be sluggish. This is the reason I’m investigating the older version.