2023 Manhattan Circumnavigation - 31 Miles

My first time doing this fun trip. I have a friend that seems to make it a regular to do this but he’s way too fast for me to go with. So this weekend thanks to the Yonkers paddling club sponsoring this trip in a large supported outing, I get to enjoy Manhattan of its amazing skylines from the water. Its definitely an epic trip of one of those things “once in a lifetime” to experience it.

Avg speed was 4.9mph but thats really with all the currents pushing us. I was in my Chatham 18 with my Werner Ikelos. I thought about switching to the Cyprus for this trip but heh 31 miles is not that long when it’s broken up by a 3 hour break!

Manhattan Circumnavigation Sea Kayaking - YouTube


Very cool - this is on my paddling bucket list for sure, just need a year when the timing and logistics work out.