2024 Race To Alaska

Stage 1 of the Race to Alaska kicks off Sunday 6/9 at 5AM local time. Here are some links to help you find out more about the race:

R2AK Quick Links - Race to Alaska

Race to Alaska R2AK 2024 Tracker

Looks like there are about 43 teams this year, 2 regular kayaks plus 2 sail assisted kayaks. There is also 1 SUP.

Regular Kayaks
Bowen Arrow

Sail Assisted Kayaks (listed as Sail - Multihull)
Mr. X

Stand Up Paddleboard

Wish them luck… and may the best kayak win!

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Love R2AK and have followed it since the first. Here is a shortcut to the teams for the full race. Best wishes to all the paddlers.

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SE Alaska has some of the most difficult paddling in the world. I wonder how many of those people really know what they are up against.

Fun race, fun follow. Been following every year. We usually drive up for the ruckus the night before, meet the sailors, check out the boats. Seeing the different peddle drives and boats (Some I wouldnt float in a bathtub) makes for a fun day. These guys and gals deserve so much credit, especially the kayakers and paddle boarders.


The race started about 24 hours ago. Of the 5 teams I mentioned above Bowen Arrow and SUP N IRISH did not make the stage 1 cut. There are 32 teams still competing. Here are the other 3 mentioned above:

Team - Equipment - Overall Rank - Remaining Distance
LETS WING IT - Rockpool Taran 18 Kayak - 10th - 522.7 NM
Forget Me Knot - Hobie Tandem Island - 23rd - 545.2
Mr. X - Hobie Tandem Island Kayak - 32nd - 559.3