23 Years in the Making!

In 1999, the year my wife and I were married, I bought us kayaks as a Christmas gift. During the process, I wound up with a Wilderness Systems catalog. That was the first time I ever saw an Arctic Hawk. I literally dreamed about that boat, but couldn’t afford it at the time. We bought different boats, and have paddled since then. I’ve owned many boats, but never forgot about the Arctic Hawk. I’ve never seen one for sale anywhere near me.

Until the other day. One came available a measly 7.5 hours away.

I picked it up this morning! It’s a Superior Kayak boat built in…1999. Built for the original owner who recently passed away, it came with the original receipt and a letter/picture from Mark Rogers. Call it serendipity if you want, but I finally own one after a very long wait.

The coming paddle has been 23 years in the making…and I’m as excited as I can be!!!


Congrats on scoring your dream boat. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I share an appreciation of the Greenland aesthetics of the Artic Hawk. Even tho’ I built two Greenland style SOFs, I had really wanted a WS Sparrow Hawk because of the added safety of the bulkheads.

I saw a Sparrow Hawk for sale locally several years back. Thought hard about it but let it go since my interest in Greenland techniques and general touring has passed in favor of just surfing.

Still love the look of those sleek Greenland lines. :slight_smile:



The Arctic Hawk is one of the great ones. Congratulations on finding this!

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Design weight 44#. For an 18ft boat that’s pretty good. Should be a fast touring boat.

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I have a fiberglass model made by Wilderness Systems. I did once have an opportunity to paddle a Mark Rogers built wooden Arctic Hawk. Great kayak.

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Thanks, all! I’m really like a kid on Christmas morning right now!

Per the widow of the original owner, this boat was a dream of her husband’s when he ordered it in 1999 and was one of his most cherished things. I’m absolutely honored to be the new owner, and she was very happy to see it go to someone who knew the boat and appreciates what it is.

I love all kayaks because of what they can add to a life, but this one has always had a special place for me.


I’m sure it feels honored.

Nice pounce. Congrats!

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My plan is to take it out this weekend for an introductory paddle. The skirt won’t be in until next week, and we’re doing rescue practice tomorrow evening so I’ll use a different boat. Can hardly wait!