230 or 240 cm?

Quick question…I’m ditching my fiberglass paddle and getting a carbon one. My fiberglass was 220cm and seemed too short.

I’m 6’4" and my kayak’s width is 22.4". I alternate between high and low angle paddling depending on conditions & what kind of mood I’m in.

What would be the best size paddle for me? 230cm or 240cm?

Thanks in advance!

230 or 240?
They both sound pretty big for a 22-1/2" wide boat, even for somebody at 6’4". I use a 215cm paddle mostly (a wing). The epic website, www.epickayak.com has a paddle wizard - this seems pretty accurate.

my vote…

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...... length is gonna be a compromise at best...i vote 230cm ....difference between a 230 and 240 is only 3.9 inches total and divide that by 2 , you get 1.95 " per side difference in length. I have a 240 cm paddle, bent shaft, and it's really not suited to high angle paddling. I have a 24" wide boat. you could buy the 240 and keep the 220 as a spare on the boat and switch too it for any hi-angle paddling. be sure to check blade width and length between brands too....it makes a difference !! If your constantly banging your knuckles , maybe paddling technique needs to be addressed.

what blade size?
Are you planning to buy a high-angle design or low-angle design?

230 and 240 sound pretty long to me. I’m 6’, and pretty long in the torso. I use a 215 cm high angle paddle, for comparison. Your shoulders might be two inches higher than mine in the boat, and that’s about 5 cm.

Paddle size
Go to Epic kayaks web site and use the paddle wizzard. It will ask info about you, your boat and the type of paddling you will be doing - it will give you recommendations on type of paddle and size. I have a 230 swift and a 240 swift that I don’t use anymore. I use either a Werner 215 Ikelos or an Epic 210 mid wing. I wish I had advice like your getting before I bought the 240.

Everyone , it seems, starts with a 240.
I paddle a canoe , sort of, and had mine reduced to as 230.

I will go along with Nate on this one. I’m 6’1" and paddle high angle- my paddles are 210-215. The math seems to be a little off, and I wonder if your form might be having a greater effect than your height & boat combination.

Eddyline will cut down your Swift
When I started paddling a deacde or so ago using the then most common methods I ended up with 230 paddles (I’m 6’).

I now paddle mostly at 215 for sea kayaks and 197 for ww. I had Eddyline cut down my Mid-Swift and Epic my Full Carbon Active Tour Length-Lock.

240 is really long
Among other things you risk shoulder injury using a paddle that long. The difference between 230 and 240 is substantial force wise. High brace? Good luck. Eight hour day? Bring lots of ibuprofen. Torso rotation? Who needs that!???

Depends on what paddle/blades
Overall length is about as poor a performance indicator for paddles as it is for kayaks. Longer blades/shorter shaft - sorter blades longer shaft at same overall length.

240 is pretty big regardless. I used a 240 San Juan years ago on a 28" wide SOT. It was a good match for that - but the San Juan had big blades so shaft length was more like that of other 230s or shorter.

How about an adjustable 220-230? That way if your preferences/styles change the way many’s do - you can gradually adjust. Then next paddle may even be 210-220…

My first paddle was a 220 cm …
… and I was initially using a low angle style. I’m 5’10" and have a 24" wide boat. My stroke evolved into a high angle style and the 220 cm paddle with its elongated, low angle style blade was just too long. I’ve just recently switched over to a high angle style paddle at 210 cm and it feels and performs MUCH better than my old 220 cm paddle (which now becomes my spare).

Onno adjustable from 230 to 240 -
That’s what I have, and I use it in a canoe and SOT.

Check them out. Super light and efficient. Super quality.

You might wanna give Lendal a look. With all the interchangeable blades, shafts, and extensions, you can have different combinations for different conditions/boats.

I’m definitely a freak here, but I currently use a 235cm Epic large wing, and the next one might be longer. Before that I used a 250cm Lendal with Powermaster blades. Started with a 230 and added a 20cm extension. I’ve found that the larger and longer the paddle, the faster I go. Don’t know where the limit is, but I’ll keep pushing until I find it, and you’ll probably hear the screams when I do.

try a bunch of different short lengths
and try modifying your stroke a bit.

For a long time I was devoted to my 240cm paddle. Then I tried a 220cm and it didn’t feel right at all. So I dropped down to a 215 and it felt so much better. I did need to modify my stroke and improve it.

Now I use a 210. I am 6’2" and paddle a 22.5 in kayak.

I’m an inch taller, my torso is longer,
and I find a 240 almost long enough for my open canoes, kneeling. I don’t think you will be happy with a 240 for long.

I’m 6’ and use one quite comfortably, high and low angle stroke, with a 22", 25.5," and a SOT kayak.

A 240 is not even comfortable for me

in use on a 37" IK.

I’m 6’4" + 22.5 boat
And I paddle anything b/w 215 and 225 depending on blade shape. 220 seems good for wing pad le. 215 for Werner Ikelos (both high angle paddles, Ikelos has shorter blades). 225 for low angle/long bladed paddles. As the others said, you really need to figure out your shaft length before you spend good $$$ on the wrong paddle. Anyway you look at it though, 230-240 seems aufully long to me…

Try this…

Length Lock
Why not try a length lock paddle by EPIC which will give you the adjustable size you need for the two different paddling styles. I have one and love it as well as the ability to customize the angle of the blade for conditions and technique.

Get a matching paddle?
I know you said you were wanting to upgrade to a corbon paddle, but if you like the glass one and just not the length and if it is a 2 piece paddle and you get the same connection type you could get the 240 in glass, and then if you don’t like the 240 length, combine half the 240 and half of the 220 and make yourself a 230, i did this when i first started, thought 240 would be best, then found it too long, got a 220, found it too short, then one day accidently put 2 wrong halves together and found it suited me fine. I eventually moved my way down to 220 and just ordered a 215-230 adjustable.

That could be another option, there are usually adjustable from 215-230 and 225-240, you could try one of these, or even contact the manufacturer and see if you can custom order something in the middle, like 220-235.