24 Miles = 24 Fish

I am really not sure how many fish I caught in the last two days, I am sure of the distance paddled. Although non of the fish were monsters they kept me occupied, I mainly caught smallies and rock bass, I did catch one wall hanger small mouth bass he was huge weighing in at 1/8oz measured 3 inches Lol not really sure how he even got on the hook:) but a fish is a fish. I am going out again tomorrow in search of Carp I just want to see how it feels to pull in a monster carp in a kayak hoping to get pulled around a little. Anyways that will be another 12 on top of the 30 miles I paddled so far the week, I did 6 miles on sunday but didn’t fish unfortunately

hi eekster26, so where is it that you …
… are talking about , doing this paddle milage and fishing ??

One of our rivers I’m guessing ??

Sounds like it’s been a fun and enjoyable mix of paddlin and fishin !!

You got to love the heart of those 3" Smallies , little giants they are …

I paddled/floated 40 miles this week while fishing on the Conococheague creek.