$250 paddle

I was balancing my budget, and realized there are 5 Fridays this month, this means an extra paycheck. I’ve been wanting a paddle upgrade for awhile. I currntly have a 130mm Carlisle Magick Plus (Carbon shaft, plastic blades) that I talked them into throwing in with the boat. I spend 90% of my time on flat water or an extreamly slow river that just happens to be in my back yard. I do a weekend trip when I can find time, but usually spend a few hours on the lake on a weekday, or an entire day on a weekend on the river exploring and fishing. I prefer a break apart, non feathered paddle. Does anybody have any sugestions? Also, I have tried, and have no intrest in, a bent shaft paddle.

Bending Branches Carbon Fiber Slice
would be a nice addition to the family-

My favorites are a
$130 Sting Ray with carbon shaft and fg/nylon blades and my ONNO Full Tour which was about $275. The former is a little easier to be rough with, but the ONNO is awesome out on the lake and most anything other than whitewater.


Carbon Fiber
How durrable are carbon fiber blades? I can be rough on a paddle.

REI has the old Werner Camano’s on sale
for $190

2007 or 2008’s, I’m not sure what it is. The one with the next-to-last ferrule.

Epic are really nice
I do not know how much an Epic paddle cost in US, but I like those a lot.

Call up ONNO
and talk to Pat.

He will custom build your own.

they are light as a feather and strong.

Get one that has the adjustable length feature.



Definitely ONNO
Awesome paddles. But I usually use my Aquabounds for rock bashing. They’re pretty indestructible.

My Blades have survived…

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over 300 miles in the rocky Ozark streams- scraping bottom many times. Pics of the streams if you are interested: As you can see, I have never paddled a river that is not a rocky bottom (there are like 14 pages, but most are of floating and fishing)-


is a VERY short paddle. In fact, even 130cm is shorter than anyone I know uses. Did you mean 230CM?

Whatevr lenght you use, here is another vote for an ONNO. I have one and just ordered a second. And Pat might have some blem blades and can build soemthing that fits your budger.

You could get Aquabound 230 cm

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carbon fiber paddles from Campmor for less than $200.Still can.
3 different styles.
My CF paddle is 7 years old got some dings,one blade was stepped on in some rocks;still going strong.

130 mm paddle…
might go with the 17" kayak mentioned a while back…

not all carbon…

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It appears that not all carbon is equal. The one at Campmor is a couple of ounces heavier than Werner's fiberglass paddles (I compared it to the straight shaft Camano). Werner's paddle is listed at $265, but REI seems to always have 20% off sales, so you should be able to get it for a bit over $200.

Or the Onno with Mid+ blades is listed as another few ounces lighter than the Werner, for $250.

I bought a used Nimbus a few yrs ago
It has been great. I paid 175 for it used. It was well worth it. It is lightweight and strong. A wonderful paddle with some miles on it. Now I think there are more choices available for strong and lightweight paddles. Good luck. You will find a Paddle Right for you.

The serious whitewater guys
use and abuse carbon fiber blades, but they are different than most touring paddles. They are made for all the scraping and beating and tend to chip away at the edges a little at a time instead of having one big catastrophic failure.

The ONNOs are not made for whitewater or very rough treatment. You can pry with them some and get away with it, but you’ll probably treat them a little gentler than a plastic blade.

A nice compromise is the carbon fiber shaft with nylon blades that are reinforced with fiberglass or other composite materials. They are typically light weight and reasonably priced. The Aquabound paddles and a few of the Werner’s are made this way and they would be tough to break. When they do go, it will likely be dramatic, but I think it’d take an aweful lot of force to break one.


Wife & I both got ONNO’S this spring as an upgrade paddle. Couldn’t be happier.

That aquabound paddle isn’t carbon . . .
It’s carbon reinforced plastic. The difference is about half a pound, and $200 dollars. :slight_smile:

Not knocking the reinforced plastic bladed paddles. I have a few of them, and do like them. But they can’t compete with the all carbon paddles, at least not on weight. And I don’t believe they’re as durable or stiff as the fiberglass blades, (like a Shuna or Camano).

I shouldn’t multitask, I emailed my boss an order for 24 pieces of 230 CM heat shrink tubing, and told yall I had a 130 mm paddle.

Have you tried a Greenland style?
That would fit the unfeathered part, lots of folks like them a lot. I’ve been considering getting one myself.

Thanks Guys !
Yep, we have a couple paddles in the bargin bin right now that are near perfect.

We build the paddles for after a good converstion listening about boat(s) used, height, waters paddled etc. while factoring in ones personal preferences and expectations.

No worries to build for racing to rock bashing or pulling to pushing.

A little more material in the right places makes a big difference.

Paddle_dude … call me anytime. As always … No pressure ever, here to help.