2nd hand electric motor for SUP board - where to find?

Hi guys its Lukas from Poland
I am thinking about purchasing an electric motor to my Sup board but so far I have met a couple of obstacles. First of all, here in Poland it is CRAZY expensive. It is a bit cheaper on aliexpres but still – final price is quite high. So I started thinking about 2nd electric motor. In Poland totally not possible find one. What about USA ? Where can I search for such stuff ? I already checked ebay and only brand new engines are available. Any thoughts ? thanks in advance and hi5 from Poland !!!

in the USA, Craigslist and Marketplace on Facebook are the most popular places for selling and buying used stuff. In Canada it is Kijiji.

But you would likely have trouble finding any private seller willing to ship to you overseas. Most sellers are very suspicious, and rightly so, of anyone from other countries trying to buy their items. And you woukd have no way of knowing if you were getting an item in working condition.

There are propably forums like this one in Europe for SUP users where you might find tips and resources. But honestly, most paddler forums are about human-powered craft so there is usually not a lot of interest in motorized options.

I have seen people build small propeller units for canoes and kayaks using rechargeable battery drill motors. Depends on how far ir fast you want to go, I suppose.

And, ebay has an entire category for electric trolling motors. Most are new but it says 119 of these are used:


Find an old trolling motor and take the engine out of it.

Not sure why you need one on an SUP, but there are plenty of electric bicycles out there too.