2nd layer under my dry top

50F water, 40-50F air, farmer john, dry top.

One layer of polypro long sleve under my dry top isn’t quite enough if I roll a lot. I’m thinking add a second layer of polypro long sleve. It’s cheap and comfortable.

Other ideas?

Paul S.

have you noticed this?
a definite propensity of p-net paddlers suggest a drysuit

here’s my recommendation:

get a drysuit

that you are getting chilled from seepage and not from totally wet from exiting. Yes, just add on another top. I like the NRS longsleeve with a smooth nylon face and plush micro fleece underneath.


Come on now
You know that wasn’t the question.

I think there woud be the same question with the dry suit.

I almost included this in my origninal post: I’m going to get a DS but probably next year. If I get one now I’ll shrink out of it by next year.

Paul S.

I think it’s just the cold wet DT
on the outside and not enough layer on the inside. Maybe some seepage throught the fabric. Not sure. Sometimes perspiration, sometimes not. I used to complain about perspiration, but I’m getting older (lower metabolism), eating less, and am rolling now.

Thanks for the lead on the NRS shirt. Is that the Mystery?

Paul S.

I don’t think more polypro…
… will add much insulating power. You will have to go to an insulating fabric such as fleece. Sounds like you want 100-weight. I’ve found something like http://tinyurl.com/yyejwd to be good – lightweight, simple (no collar or zipper to complicate things) moderately priced.

You might also consider a fleece vest, which insulates your core without adding bulk to the arms, like http://tinyurl.com/yla6mk. This has zipper and collar, unfortunately, which makes it not quite ideal for mix&match layering under a dry top or suit.

The hard part these days is finding 100-weight stuff (Polartec 100), which is great for layering. Most of it nowadays is 200 and up.

Mystery top or equivalent

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In other words, another neo type layer. In my wetsuit/drytop days water temps close to 50 required a second good wetsuit type insulating layer. (over the wetsuit and under the drytop. I was doing a fair bit of swimming at that point during roll practice, so had lots of opportunity to check out its effectiveness.
My fave was a Mystery top because, if I wanted to pull the drytop off on land, I still had some wind-blocking ability in the top. And it is warm.

Polartec Powerstretch
I usually wear a rash guard and either a Polartec Powerstretch 100 or 200 weight stretch fleece under my drysuit. Immersion Research makes them (thin skin and thick skin) and Bombergear did as well.


I’m gonna get the Mystery shirt.
I’ve been wanting one of those 1mm neo shirts for awhile, then sort of forgot about them.

I’ll wait till I get a DS to try fleece. I think it will get too wet under the WS/DS combo.

Thanks a bunch.

Paul S.