3-5-2011 is Quiet Water Symposium

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Saturday, March 5, 2011
16th Annual Quiet Water Symposium
Michigan State University

This symposium brings in thousands of people, gear, vendors, outfitters, etc., etc.
- Always a good time !
A great way to ask questions, arrange demo appointments, get info, learn stuff.

A few pics from 2010

A few pics from 2009

Would be really nice if this show and Canoecopia weren’t a week apart. Pretty hard to take vacation twice in a week.

Bill H.

Reason for the date
Quiet Water is always scheduled for the weekend before spring break at Michigan State and has been for a long time.

Been out of school long time

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I like to think of QWS as building the excitement for the annual St Patricks Day Paddle & Winter BBQ
on the Huron River hosted by Great Lakes Paddlers http://www.greatlakespaddlers.org/

Soon after those 2 events - the ice melts and it's on !

Still would be nice to go to another midwest show, but not worth missing Canoecopia to do it.

Bill H.

Unless pictures taken while closed
Appears to be poorly attended.

Looks to be the case
Someone must have taken the pics when it was just open because it was packed when I was there early afternoon (2010).

They did add a second room and there weren’t as many folks wandering around in there, mostly because I don’t think they knew it was there. The lectures are usually well attended.

Just another indoor event to get the juices flowing. I like that they’ve branched out into other areas (cycling, diving, environmental issues) and that it’s not just a big money-making-shopping-spree. Of course there are products to buy, but that isn’t the main focus. I don’t go every year but it’s been a joy to watch this event evolve over time.


Early, Early morning

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Picture taken before gates opened - I work a booth every year for HeadWatersTrails Inc. and I'm slammed for 8 hours straight.

IF I posted pics of the crowds, making an album focusing in on just people, that would be kind of creepy and stalker like.......of course I took pics of the layout, building, gear and vendors

It's a great place to get tons of info, direct from people who live the lifestyle and rep gear.

East Lansing Michigan area
If you live an hour or 2 from MSU campus and enjoy

paddling via canoe or kayak, it’s worth the trip.

Quiet Water Symposium
I think its a wonderful event if you are at all interested in the outdoors and paddling in particular. Be forewarned!! There are some simply stunning hand crafted kayaks can canoes there that will want to go home with you! We will be there selling special water bottles from http://libertybottles.com/ with profits going to the GREAT to help keep the Grand River truly grand.

Many SOF kayaks on display

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A group in Michigan has been holding workshops for
building do it yourself Skin-On-Frame kayaks.

Many will be displayed and you'll be able to look inside
to see the ribbing and construction methods.