3 day trip - NYC - 150 mile radius

Hi gang,

I’m looking for suggestions for a 3-4 day canoe trip for myself and three friends in the second weekend in November. I would describe ourselves as veteran multi-day canoe trippers, especially on long flat rivers, but we aren’t looking to prove anything this late in the fall. :slight_smile:

We are hoping for:

*4-5 hour drive from NYC - We are not New Yorkers (go red sox), but it’s our geographic center.

*Easy paddling - We are all set on rapids for the season, thanks very much.

*Short days, short overall trip - Looking to do 20-40 miles over 3 (maybe four) days paddling

*Plenty of camping - beach or woods, we don’t care, as long as there’s not endless “no trespassing” sections

Looking forward to any and all suggestions! We’ve already done multi-nights on the middle Delaware this year and the Saco up in Maine (during the quieter months) a few times already this year.

Thanks, Jake

Albany to NYC is one choice
Buy the Hudson River Watertrail Guide


You may be able to end your trip at one of the boathouses in the city.


NYC-Long Lake is 280 miles, 5 hrs 6min driving time per mapquest

You can find uncountable miles of paddling opportunities that meet your requirements in central Adks

Interesting ideas. Thank you both :slight_smile:

CT river
The Adironack can get pretty cold by now.

The Hudson is much warmer, as long as you’re comfortable dealing with good size boat wakes. (think big barges not jet skis)

The Connecticut River also have some boat traffic but not quite as busy. Housatonic is another option.

You are just in time for the Upper CT

Campsites close on Sunday.

The Saco is different now. No one there. Pretty soon the snowmobile trail will be open.

upper connecticut looks pretty awesome! I will bookmark that for next year. thank you

I’d second the

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housatonic. Some cl. 2 but mostly riffles and cl.1. Hour away, quiet, pretty river. You could start above Falls Village (flatwater), portage the powerplant, then head down to Kent. About 35 miles of quiet (farms, woods, state park).Lot of it along the appalachian trail. Got pix of the area in my webshots link found in my bio. Some of the older albums/kent school/housy with hrckc....

hmmm,ww open boater, pretty rare in Ct. You'll probably recognize most of the places in my albums.

old topic, I know – but I wanted to say I am checking out some of your albums now. I definitely recognize a bunch of the locations. great stuff, and good tip of the housy. We ended up going back up to Maine again last fall. Will definitely look to the housatonic this year!