3 days off line

Our Spectrum connection went out 3 days ago. No internet or land line.
Can’t say that I missed it except for catching up here.


No cell coverage? I have DSL which goes out regularly, but at least my land line works 99% of the time. Because of the lousy DSL, I’d never switch to VOIP

No cable services exist in my area, but our electric co-op is installing fiber Internet throughout their service regions. Won’t be in my area until late 2021. Have friends where it has been installed and they rave about the speed. I’ve already signed up.

We just got back from a trip. Internet all the way. Many of the RV parks have improved WIFI, but we prefer our more private Verizon hot spot. I’ve been keeping the hot spot, hockey puck, since I had to run an office on the thing back in 2014.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone came along and kicked Spectrum’s butt? AT&T has made some efforts around here but I hear they’ve been pretty awful.

We’ve had them all. I think AT&T was best but the most pricey.