3 kayak rack???

Is there a good way to transport 3 touring kayaks on a roof rack???

What’s the best rack to buy?


what i’ve done
maybe you could double up on malone j-cradles, assuming your bar is long enough

kayak stackers

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I use these and routinely haul up to 5 kayaks no problem.

I also have a set from Yakima and can haul three kayaks on my wife car, looks weird, but it works.

works for me. Yakima saddles on the side and a Malone in the middle


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There are many ways to do this. I do
not know if it is the “best” rack, but I use a Yakima 48" bar and the Yakima kayak stackers. When I got the stackers I was skeptical, but I have routinely hauled three boats with excellent results. The product hype says it can handle four boats; it might very well, but my bars are not wide enough with the boats I have. The stacker is easy install, simple to use, and does what it is designed to do.

what he said, but
two j cradles on the outside and one saddle in the middle.

Stackers work for us too…
We also have a set of Stackers on 48” bars and can carry 3 plastic kayaks if positioned right. Ours are placed off to one side (not centered), allowing enough space for one boat on that side. On the other side of the Stackers there is enough space to carry two more boats. I use the cheap pool noodles to pad both my bars and the Stackers, installed using a little soapy water to slip them over the bars. We have a pair of 58” (?) bars and Stackers our Expedition and carry 4 kayaks the same way.

Wide bars
On my mini-van (actually the wife’s), I can put three sea kayaks across with foam blocks on the Thule bar - I’m not sure of the width, but it does not stick out too far on the Caravan. Does not work if one is a rec boat, though. Then the stacker comes out for two of the boats.


Why limit to three?