3 kayaks on the roof

We have 3 old town kayaks 2-12’ vapors 1-10’ loon can I carry all 3 on top of a 04 dodge Durango. What would be the best roof system to do this. For now I made a small rack to fit my snowmobile trailer, but I would like to take them camping with me and I can’t haul a camper and a trailer for Yaks at the same time.

yakima or thule bars and plain stackers. pad the bars with pool noodles.

3 boats
A pair of J-racks (Thule, Malone, etc.) attached to both sides of a transverse rack for boats 1 and 2 to be mounted on their sides, plus the third boat flat on the cross rack in between usually works for a vehicle as wide as yours.

Plastic boats
Stack them on edge

Get the long bars and tie down 2 boats deck down leaving about a foot gap between them,tie strap them down then add the 3rd boat deck down or on the side wedged between them, tie the 3rd boat to the rails & a strap thru the doors [tie it with doors open].