3 or 4 day trip Bruce Peninsula,

Looking to do a 3 or 4 day kayaking trip along the Bruce Peninsula, ( Anywhere between Owen Sound and Tobermory) If anyone could help with some info, on what starch would accommodate a 3 to 4 day trip and some details on where to put in and get out. & Cant seem to find a good detailed map with(Camp site info/estimated paddling time between camp sites ext

Any help will be appreciated.


Ice cold water - beautiful area

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Stayed at Land End campsite - warm showers for a quarter !



Thanks for the info.

Did you end up Camping at one site, Or did you paddle to more then one??

Lions Head to Tobermory and Flowerpot
We did a trip out of Lions Head a couple of years ago. There is a small campground right in Lions Head where we began the trip. We were able to park our cars about a mile south of town at the community center. We paddled around the point to check out Lions Head, a provincial nature preserve, where back country camping is permitted, although we paddled north to Reeds Dump in Smokey Head White Bluff prov. nature preserve to camp. Both of these allow back country camping with no fees, but neither is very far from Lions Head.

Northward from there you have no camping options until you reach the Bruce Peninsula national park. It is a long twenty-something mile paddle from Reeds Dump to the first campsite, High Dump with beautiful scenery. We camped at both High Dump and Storm Haven. They have tent platforms and you have to reserve the sites, which can be done in advance. They can tell you which ones are nearest to the water. Some are quite a way uphill from the beach.

We then stopped off in Tobermory before heading out to Flowerpot island, which is the only place in Fathom Five marine park where you can camp. Those sites cannot be reserved in advance. You have to stop in at the national park visitors center the day you plan to paddle out to get the campsite. It is a short 1/2 mile walk from town.

This is just a gorgeous area and well worth taking the time to hike along with paddling, especially within the national park. The Bruce Trail Guide is very detailed sectional map of the entire Bruce trail. I used nautical charts for our trip 2235 and 2282. We had Thorncrest outfitters right in Tobermory shuttle us back to our cars in Lions Head. The trip can also be done in the other direction. I hope this helps. Drop me an e-mail if you have any questions.

Also, last year we headed up again to do the crossing from Tobermory to Manitoulin and on to Killarney, Phillip Edward Island etc. We stayed at Lands End campground at the beginning and end of that trip and it was very nice. We parked our cars in town, got a ride back to the campground via their own shuttle service and launched from their beach.


Thanks so much
Thanks so much for the info, it will be a big help.

trip report
Don’t know if you will find it of much help, but there is an excellent trip report from the area here-


Bruce Penninsula
We prefer staying at Tobermory.

Land’s End park is convenient and has a protected beach area where you can leave a kayak. Tobermory is right at the tip of the pennisula, so kayaking is available whatever the winds are doing. You can have rough or smooth. Day trips from there are perfect. If you load your boat and drive only a few miles, there are lots of great paddling opportunities. Spend a day exploring Cove Island, another on Flowerpot.

How long did it take??
How long did it take to go from the Bruce Peninsula national park, to High Dump???

We spent 3 days paddling from Lions Head to Tobermory, but only one of those days was a long paddle of 26 miles.

It’s a short paddle between High Dump and Storm Haven, but we wanted to spend a lot of time in the park. We then had to spend the 4th night in Tobermory due to weather. The next day we paddled out to explore Cove Island and then camp one night on Flowerpot. I think my total for the 5 days was 63 miles.

Here are the pics from the Bruce Peninsula trip