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So now that my buddy and I have managed to get his girlfriend into fishing, she has been wanting to come out on the boat every weekend. I’m glad to have more people to fish with but it’s hard to put 3 people on my 12 foot Old Town and still have ample room to cast. Now, I’m looking for a larger stable canoe with enough room for 3 anglers. Weight is not an issue but money is. Think college student budget. Anyone have any suggestions for a cheap durable canoe that would fit 3 people? I really don’t want to go aluminum.

Looks as though a used tandem is your
best bet. Probably something in the 17 ft range. I wouldn’t toss out the aluminum canoe. They’re usually very stable and inexpensive . Tough, take a lot of abuse. But, you should be able to find a decent glass canoe on craigslist. Maybe check the bulletin boards at paddling shops or the local paddling club, keep an eye on local papers and sales rags in the area, or put a notice on the college bulletin board.

3 Persons
I was thinking about a Coleman but I’m not sure they make canoes anymore and I haven’t seen any used ones for sale on-line. Have you heard anything about Pelican canoes?

3 Persons
I retract my last statement. Already found a coleman on craigs list. Appreciate the help.

Coleman is made by Pelican

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A slug of a canoe, but usually cheap used and it will work for three. Pelican makes a few different canoes/scanoes. Some models were badged Coleman. Have you considered a solo boat? Two could fish from the existing canoe...small though it may be...one from the solo canoe or kayak.

Find a used Coleman
They are heavy and slow. Downsides. Upsides are that they are durable, large, and stable - which is what it sounds like you want. I have seen them used in my area from $125. I had one given to me. It took some repair work, but for a little sweat equity I’ve got a boat that my kids can wiggle around in without tipping it over.

The hoity toity folks on the Advice board will scoff, but in the meanwhile you’ll be catching fish so what do you care?

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Well going solo isn’t an option because the lake we fish can get pretty windy and neither my buddy or his girlfriend are strong paddlers. I think I am going for the Coleman. I’ve seen a couple within my budget and maybe the extra weight will keep us from drifting too fast. Thanks guys.

The good thing
about an inexpensive canoe is that you can almost get just what you paid for it if you decide to get something different.


I like that
Point well taken

If you have
the right attitude you will most likely have fun no matter the circumstances. That’s what it’s all about.


And teaching other people how to canoe and catch lunker bass just makes it all the better.

I already know how to paddle
(more or less)

I’ll be happy to take lunker bass lessons, though and let you borrow any of my boats in the meanwhile.

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Well D you should have some large bass down where you are. Don’t they hold bass tournaments on the Potomac River?

There are and they do
The tournaments are usually in the Tidal Potomac, which is from Washington DC on down to where it pours out into the Chesapeake Bay. Good fishing much of that land, except in the areas south of Occoquon it’s getting too polluted from fecal matter to want to be on or risk falling in. Yuck.

I fish the Upper Potomac, above Great Falls, which is the fall line between the coastal geographic area and the piedmont geographic area, also a geologic difference between bedrock/karst in the upper and silt & sand in the Tidal. Upper is cooler, swifter, not tidal, and for my paddling time flat-out funnerer. Smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, bream, cats are the main fish. A trophy smallmouth is 20" there, and I’ve caught one but others who possess more skill than luck catch them regularly.

The fish are there. I just suck at finding them.

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Hey Big D …
… how long would it take you to get to Hancock , MD ?? … just outside there is Little Orleans and Bill’s Place (301-478-2701) , he has two camps on the river also (Little Orleans and Bonds Landing)… Bill will take you and your boat up stream to Bonds Landing and turn you loose (Paw Paw also if you want two days downriver), great float back to Bills’ , great smallmouth fishing , beautiful stretch of river … ever done it ?? … if not , you should !! … just say so and I’ll email ya with our secret weapon for Smallies … mid Oct. one year , a Tiger Muskie , at least 40" , took the Smallie offering and I didn’t get cut or broke off by luck … for the most part you have to use the secret weapon or simular to catch the larger Smallies , but top water is a blast even if they are the avg. size , a good day would produce around 50 of them , and that’s just too much fun on a easy day float … leave your vehical at Bills’ … when we do the two day run , we see Bill first and then set up camp at Bonds , back to Bills’ and he takes us up to Paw Paw , no need to carry all your gear in the canoe , when done go back to camp in your vehical and pack up … tent , sl.bags , stove and lantern , left at camp , food stays with us , just an overnighter …

Sounds most cool
I haven’t done that, but I’d like to. Hancock’s not a bad drive at all. I’ve been looking at the MD DEQ river maps and that Paw Paw Bends area looks good on a map. I’m glad to hear it’s as productive as the map suggests. Thanks too for the tips on location. I’ll jot that down in my trip “want” list.

There’s no such thing as a magic bait or a secret weapon (that said, you can bet I’ll be e-mailing to find out what it is).

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Yes there is …

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.......... Ken taught me the technique and color , but we upped it one better !! ...... I think Little Orleans is mile 130 and Paw Paw is mile 150 ...... fantastic float for fishing from canoe (or yak I guess), we've taken a small 12' Jon up river from Bills' also , works too .. oh yea , Bill will rent you a beat up Grumman if you want too , and he's not expensive , very reasonable ..

A random comment
Mr. Penrod is an incredible fisherman with a lot of information to teach, no question there. He’s forgotten more than many of us will ever learn about smallmouth fishing. Nevertheless, his is a name you need to be careful about dropping. His bed-fishing practices in the Susquehanna, and denials when his guides have been caught redhanded doing it, have made him a polarizing individual.

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Smallmouth vs largemouth, bed fishing
is so different from an angler’s perspective. Its accepted practice in more southerly states to fish largemouth beds.

As someone w/ no idea what you two
were talking about with the term “bed fishing”, this site discusses it very well.


It specifically address the ethics in doing so, and the key seems to be in catch & release. If not releasing, I can see where it would seriously limit future growth . . . .