3-piece hybrid SKUK explorer

I see where SKUK (formerly NDK) has a 3 piece hybrid Explorer. Anybody here have one? They are about $6000 plus change. Could someone give me the $6000, I could come up with the change.

No idea but I believe Valley also sells 3 piece ones on special order.

Checks in the mail.

I went for a group paddle few weeks ago. Guy had a three piece composite kayak and just tossed in in the back of the truck. Wish I saw how he broke it down.

I have used a sectional Explorer and alaw bach (back when the airlines would accept them as baggage at no cost or low cost as “sports equipment” (days long gone)). The better ones have male / female mating surfaces formed in the bulkheads that align the hull sections and add some strength. The ones that don’t are a PIA to line up properly. Bulkheaded sections attach with either internal bolts or external stainless clips or both.
They are strong, but not as strong as a one-piece hull, of course. As I recall, Hoffmeister had an issue with a hull section coming apart after a rough surf landing in New Zealand and had to beat the bolts back into alignment with a rock.