303 and soap

So after I apply 303 to my composite kayak will soap (Purple Power) remove it?

Also, it looks like the 303 coating allows water “only” to wash off salt water residue. Anyone else find that to be true?

Composite as in colored gel coated?
Isn’t colored gel coat on there to provide a finish and protect the composite lay up from damage by things like sunlight. Wouldn’t that make applying 303 to protect the boat a redundant and therefore unnecessary action and cost?

Now if there is no gel coat or the gel coat is clear then an additional protectant would seem in order.

Just wondering.



Still need UV protection
The colored gel coat can still suffer UV damage. We use products specifically for fiberglass from marine stores for the deck because those waxes just seem to last longer, but there’s no harm in 303 for a similar purpose. And you have to use it on the hatch covers anyway.

NEVER use soap on a comp. kayak
It’s far too harsh.

I use Clairol Herbal Essence shampoo followed by Clairol Herbal Essence Fruit Fusion Hydrating Conditioner. The Clairol people said that their products do not remove 303 protectant. I checked that out with the 303 people and they didn’t see a problem with it. They did say that they would prefer Nexxus Humectant Moisturizing Conditioner instead, but I like the fruity smell.

Clairol is drug store junk…
Get the good stuff at your salon…

I would never use cheap stuff like that on my own hair!

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I Use
the same stuff that I have used on countless fiberglass boats over the years. I use a cleaner wax with a UV protection. I use this about three times a year and use just plain old dish detergent in between for normal clean up.

Happy Paddling,


Purple Power will strip most applied
layers. If that dish detergent is DAWN , it will also. I used to wash my cars with Dawn until I realized I was de-waxing them.

Simple solution…
A simple solution to your situation is what I have done for 3-4 years now. Don’t use 303 for a composite kayak.

Use “Star Brite Marine Polish with Teflon”. It is a polish that is designed for marine use, with “Extra” UV protection built in. It is not an abrasive polish, so it will not wear off the gelcoat.

It is excellent in protecting your composite hull. Two coats and it feels like you waxed it 100 times. The water beads up, and because of the Teflon the dirt does not stick much at all. Everything just wipes off with water.

A couple of us wrote reviews here on P-Net on this stuff, so read the reviews, and try it. You will never use 303 on Composite again.

Just to clear the air, I think 303 is good stuff! I use it on the tires of every vehicle I own, and on the convertible top of my Mazda Miata. it is good stuff for vinyl, rubber and plastic. I just don’t like it for my Composite Kayak.

The “Star Brite Marine Polish with Teflon” is a lot better for gelcoat. IMHO! :slight_smile:

Star Brite
Marine Polish with Teflon is really slick- a couple of applications and flies will bust their little @sses trying to land on your boat. Be sure to get the “with Teflon”, as there is a cheaper grade without it.

If you paddle in grungy waters, Star Brite makes cleanup a snap, too.

Biodegradable boat wash
As needed if really dirty. Otherwise a quick rinse. I rarely even do that anymore.

If going for the full detailing (once or twice a year max), use the boat wash, and then:

303 for plastic boats and VCP/KajakSport/WS type hatch covers (and any other gear like PFDs, if you bother).

Starbrite Marine Polish with Teflon for composites with gel coat. Not abrasive enough to wear down the gelcoat and it will remove stains and minimize the appearance of scratches.

Then be careful - your boats will be harder to handle after using either product.

Star Brite Marine Polish
Ok, question regarding this. My composite boat is a year old, and has 303 applied, but not this year. Is the recommendation to wash it before trying to apply Star Brite Marine Polish or just let the polish do it’s thing? It’s been washed once this year, and rinsed since the last time out. Not dirty appearancewise.

If I were to wash it, and use say dish soap to get it “really clean” would that have an effect on the wood gunnels? I just spent a week putting on 4 coats of oil and I’d really hate to do that over again because the soap dried them out again.

dish soap
doesn’t dish soap emulsify oil and grease? so wouldn’t it start to break down the oil you applied to the gunwales? I am not a chemist, but that is what I see happening


will give it a try.

People wash and polish kayaks???
Wouldn’t you rather be paddling?

Dish Soap on Gunwales
1) Wash Boat

2) Dry Boat

3) Oil Gunwales

4) Buff Gunwales

already did the oil
That’s why I asked if it’s a problem. don’t want to have to do it again, so I probably won’t wash it w/dish soap. Maybe I’ll just skip it for now and stick w/the 303.

I doubt if the little teflon in the…
I doubt if the little bit of teflon in the polish is going to cause any harm to the envornment. The biggest harm of teflon is in heating it to a point it gives off gasses. I doubt if my boat will ever get that hot.

In the state it is on a frying pan, you can ingest it and it won’t harm you. But heating it to a high temperature can make it give off poisonous gasses.

If you feel my using it on my boat will cause harm to the envirnment, give me some results of technical studies, so I can look it up myself. I am very much in favor of saving the envirnment, but you will have a hard time convincing me the little teflon on my kayak will be a problem.

To answer the person’s previous question. The Star Bright is a cleaner as well as a polish. You will not have to remove the 303 to put the first application on it. If you put the 303 on the day before, you might have to wash it with dish detergent, but if it has been in the water after you applied it, you won’t have to. (You already poluted the water when it washed off) :slight_smile:

Two questions to those who voiced concerns above -

Did you ever notice the volitile organic solvents in carnauba wax to keep it soft?

Don’t you think 303 contains anything that can wash off a kayak into the body of water you are paddling in?

Properly used, I feel they are all “safe”

so i applied 303 last month
can i put the starbrite over it???or wash it well and remove the 303 first…