303 on fiberglass

man this is as overdue as the previous skeg vs rudder thread… when was the last time you saw a good 303 thread, i know a long time!

plastic only, or do you put it on your composite’s as well. if so are you happy with the results.

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Help me out
So, you are saying that it is not needed on fiberglass? I just got my first fiberglass boat and I really have no idea what maintenance it needs. And I have a bottle of 303 sitting in my garage so I might as well use it if it is any good…

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I have used it on “fiberglass” and
with my non-gelcoated composite WW boats. The UV can rain down directly on the epoxy or vinylester resin matrix surrounding the cloth.

I am coming to dislike 303 and McNett (similar) because they leave too much surface greasiness, requiring (according to their own instructions) a good bit of polishing. The latest version of Armorall sets up dry without polishing. I don’t know if it has the same level of UV protection, but it’s probably close enough.

This is not an issue with composite kayaks, but “glass” canoes are all exposed to UV, inside. It used to be that manufacturers would paint the inside to protect the resin. The Kevlar and epoxy are entirely exposed on the inside of our Bluewater tandem. I don’t think I’m going to put 303 all over the inside.

Armorall – Too Slick for Kayaks?
Wouldn’t something like ArmorAll be something you wouldn’t want on the top deck of a kayak, even if it provided good things? I would hate to try and have to do any kind of reentry (rescue) with something that slick.


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If anything…
Use a good boat, RV, or car wax.

Save the 303 for the car’s dash or spray it on your PFD.

We use it on our composite boats.
Every time mine is done it restores the shine, and I feel quite confidant that it is doing as it says and that is preventing the UV rays from degrading the finish.



use it before you sell a kayak
makes it look brand new

Use 303
regularly on all the hatches, straps, etc. that will degrade with UV. It does leave a greasy residue that makes it hard to polish up without streaking, especially on the darker pigments. I’ve been using the Starbrite Marine Polish with PTEF on the deck and love the stuff. It polishes out to a high sheen and stays on for a long period of time, unlike the 303. I’ve not used it on the hull as jury’s out on whether or not this slows the boat, so not taking any chances. a wipedown with 303 on the hull every now and again seems to make the fuel residue from marinas and algae wipe off more easily.