303 on rubber hatch covers

Is it a good idea to put a little 303 lube on rubber hatch covers? The entire surface, including the seal? On the Tempest, good to put it on the plastic too on the oval hatch cover?


Paul S.

I do

303 is primarily a UV protectorant. It has some additional vlaue as lubricant. It also kind of makes stuff look newer/shinier.

I do inside & out
I put 303 Protectant on the inside and outside of the rubber hatch covers of my Impex Assateague.

It protects the outside, and on the inside it makes it a little easier to get on and off.

both sides of the rubber
not sure if it matters for the plastic but definately both sides of the rubber part with an extra wipe on the outside.


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Ok, I am going to show my total "noobage" here (3-day kayak owner): I know 303 is some kind of sprayed on applicant, that provides UV-protection. Can somebody please supply a link to where I can purchase a can? What else does it do? Is it for plastics, composites or what?

Is it the same stuff as the auto protectant?



yep,"aerospace protectant"
for the times your kayak is sent into space. but seriously for those pricey VCP hatches it can make a big difference on life. I’ve seen the WS Tempest hatches warp up so much that they could be pulled off with your pinky,whether 303 would help I’m not certain but this was a rental boat left out in the sun upside down.

Many have speculated
about the composition of 303. I tend to favor the stem-cell theory myself. If you don’t live near a paddle shop you can always order it from NRS over the phone.

Been using it on my rubber hatch covers for the last four years that I’ve had this boat and they still look like new. The boat itself - not so much, it’s got some miles on it! I’ve never wiped down the inside, only the outside.

heh, heh, heh.
yeah, they ain’t disclosing too much about what it actually is. all they say is that it is some aerospace shit, and you need it to protect your stuff.

cosmic rays and microasteroids
maybe it’s used on astronauts tooth brushes