303 Protectant for kayaks

I’ll be getting some 303 Protectant soon and was just curious if there was a difference between the regular 303 aerospace protectant (https://www.goldeagle.com/product/303-aerospace-protectant/) and the 303 marine aerospace protectant (https://www.goldeagle.com/product/303-marine-recreation-aerospace-protectant/).

Can I just go with the original and use it on both my polyethylene and kevlar boats?

OK if used for storage but washes off in the water…
Best to use on seals and rubber or on the interior of your vehicle…

Pledge works just as well on your hull and is lots less expensive. If you want to splurge, get lemon pledge

I currently use pledge for my polyethylene solo canoe. Would it be okay to use on the kevlar kayak as well and not damage the gel coat?

Both of my boats are stored under the deck since I don’t have a garage. The polyethylene canoe has done fine but wasn’t sure about the kevlar kayak (I just got it last weekend).

My Epic’s user guide recommends 303 for the hatch seals. I put the regular 303 on my entire kayak, but per the instructions it doesn’t dry and I wiped it off. Sure made the boat look nice, but when I put the boat in the water a few days later it created a small oil slick. Splashed droplets bead up on the deck like a wax.

I don’t see any claim of UV protection on my can of Lemon Pledge.

I’ve used Nu Finish paste which they claim (on the internet so it must be true) has UV protection for a year. There is also a 303 Automotive Spray Wax and Quick Detailer with UV Protectant, claims the UV protection lasts 30 days.

So may options out there it’s hard to tell what actually is the best route to go.

It will keep it nice and shiny. The only distinction I would make is that if you keep your boats inside or stored outside under cover and out of direct sunlight, 303 is just expensive polish on a boat hull. It washes off as soon as the boat gets wet, so you receive no benefit from the UV protection. If though your boats are constantly in direct sunlight, then yes 303 is of benefit

See my other comment, If you keep your boat inside or under cover you do not need that much UV protection. Old Town , bearing in mind that they are owned by Johnson Wax, recommends Pledge. I would also be careful with NU Finish or Nu Vinyl as I have seen it really mess up the finish on some types of plastic.

I use 303 on the hatches and seals and marine wax on the boat. I quit using 303 on the deck and hull because I didn’t like the oily slick it left in the water.

Perfect. The ends of the kayak jet out just past the deck by about a foot on either end. Those are the only sections that would get any direct sunlight. The rest of the kayak and all of the canoe are covered.

I’ve always used Pledge on my Old Town Guide 119 which is polyethylene. The kayak i just bought is a Current Designs Gulfstream (the Aramid version) and wasn’t sure how pledge would react to the gel coat.

I’ve been using 303 for a long time on my composite canoes. I just bought some today and treated 3 boats. In my experience it wears off gradually and not as soon as you get a boat wet. I don’t need UV protection since my boats are stored indoors. For me it quickly removes water stains (canoes get a grayish color on the inside and outside especially in front where they get splashed constantly by paddle drips) and also makes dirt and stains (like pond scum) come off really easily. Pledge may be just as good or better but I’m happy with 303 and will continue to use it.

303 works great using it for years on my kayaks for years. Two poly SOT and 5 composite Current Designs kayaks. Use sparingly on entire kayak, rubber seals, deck lines, gelcoat., seats and seat cushions. Never saw any slicks. I wash when I return and after it dries 303 it takes literally 3-4 minutes. I use it on my Boston Whaler and all vinyls and plastics on my vehicles. I buy a gallon on eBay for 50 bucks a while ago. Brings new life to deck lines and hatch straps. Easy because unlike wax you just spray lines and deck and wipe. Wax dries white on lines and rubber.

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I’ve been using 303 for years. I treated the hatch covers on the boat I bought on Sunday and decided to do the entire thing. I didn’t notice an oil sheen on the water when I paddled this afternoon but will watch for it. It does shine things up, though!

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Both versions of 303 ® Protectant, Marine and regular are the same product. It just varies as to where it is sold. Marine is usually found in places like West Marine and the other is generally found in hardware and auto supply stores.

I’ve been using 303 ® for decades on my Kevlar boat, hull, deck, hatch covers, cockpit rim, etc. Properly applied I’ve never seen an oily slick when the boat has been placed in the water. You spray it on and wipe it dry which bonds it to the surface. Takes only minutes to apply. It is primarily a UV protectant and is not petroleum based. Kokatat recommends using it on the gaskets of their dry suits and other similar products and some boat and RV manufacturers recommend it as well for use on plastics and fiberglass.

It doesn’t last forever and it is recommended that it be reapplied every 3-4 weeks if the boat is constantly exposed to sunlight. Some waxes may last a bit longer but both waxes and 303 ® are considered sacrificial UV protectants which break down under UV exposure while protecting the underlying surface. They all need to be constantly reapplied after a period of time.

All marine and automotive waxes are generally formulated to provide UV protection. I just find 303 ® to be faster and easier to apply and it’s worked well for me.


Thanks. I wasn’t sure if there was a difference between the regular 303 and the marine other than price.

I’ll definitely be getting a kayak cover though since I have to store mine outside and will most likely get the 303 too just as an extra precaution.

I just use a tarp 6 x 20 and fold it to size.

Few bungees with knot and loop very fast to put on and off no knots. Tarp 20 bucks as it ages fold different sides out. Last 3-4 years.


FYI, 303 protectant spray bottle is on sale at O’Reilly Auto for $10.99 with triple points rewards…and it’s in the fancy new bottle. Just hunted some down today.


303 for the hatches, Griot’s spray wax for the hull.

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