303 Protectant

on steering wheels = bad idea.

And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


Brake Peddles Too…

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and your dash will be real reflective for a while...

Bought a “used” riding mower for $200

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... the previous yuppie owner bought it new and only used it four times then decided he would pay someone to do his lawn.

When I got the rider I could hardly stay on the seat. I have to mow up, down and across hills. The seat and steering wheel had obviously been "mis"-treated with Armor All. I thought I was going to have to install thigh straps! Finally, the stuff wore off.

No wonder the yuppie hated mowing his own lawn and sold the mower. I'll bet he lathered the thing up as soon as he got it home. Worked for me though.

Motorcycle Seat
I put one of those protectants on a motorcycle seat a few years back.

Sliding back the seat makes you open the throttle…which makes you slide back the seat which makes you…Well you get the picture.

Armor all
I once read a humorous thread started by a kid who had put tire treatment on his new tires on his Acura, had a big crash, and wanted to sue the tire dealer for mis-representing the traction ability of the tires. Seems he not only did the sidewalls, but the tread area, too…

While on the subject of slipperyness…
I was looking for a small zippered pouch for my underdeck bag. You know, for keeping sunscreen, lip balm, insect repellant and small stull organized. Found one the right size, but sewn up in sil-nylon. NOT the ticket for opening & closing with wet hands.


Motorcycle memory.
Had to smile when I read DaveJ’s post. Back in the Navy days, a friend took me for a ride to demonstrate a Corvair with a tricked-out suspension, super-wide tires, etc. He had Armor-Alled the vinyls seats, so it was lots of fun trying to stay in the bucket. But, it was much more exciting when I mounted my motorcycle and headed for home with Armor-Alled jeans. I have often cited that acceleration/pulling back/more acceleration cycle as an example of "the worse it gets, the worse it gets.

Don’t mean to
step on your thread, but can someone enlighten me about 303. What is the full brand name and where can it be found? I have a new red Dagger and this sounds like what I need to keep it red instead of becoming a less than appealing shade of pink. Thanks for letting me cut in. CUonH2O.

303 101
303 is apparently the brand name. I’m a regular user but never paid attention to the name. You can find it at marine supply stores or auto parts stores. If not, you can get it online various places including: http://www.303products.com/store/category.cfm?Category=7&CFID=1337650&CFTOKEN=55609706

It IS great stuff – hatch covers, composite boats, plastic boats, even pfds get a little 303 around here.

motorcycle memories
with armorall. Years back i detailed my kawasaki with armorall on the seat and tires. My neighbors girlfriend had detailed his honda and we decided to go riding. End of the driveway, i hit the brakes and slid onto the tank, my wife made it up to the front seat. My buddy and his girlfriend went right on by, seems she had waxed his brake rotors as well as giving the bike the full armorall treatment.

why so expensive
I don’t mean to interrupt this thread, but I was wondering…

What is the difference between 303 and say armorall or turtle wax’s 2000 flushes or whatever? Is 303 green (environmentally sound) and the other brands not? Do the less expensive brands protect as well or as long?

many believe that
rmor all’s solvents damage the plastics they purport to protect. I am one of those believers.

#)# is the stuff unless you want to go with some boat wax. Anh you cannot wash plastic. Get together with some buddies and buy a gallon. your quart will last a long time!

Peter, are we going to go into the secret code mode?