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I’d like to hear from our community about usage of 303 Products 30370 Aerospace Protectant for kayaks and canoes. have you tried it? does it work well? is it safe on the plastics or is it BS. seriously I have a canoe that could use it and a kayak on the way so I’m looking for ways to protect them from the uv rays.

hard to say

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I've used 303 on my plastic boats but i really have no way of assessing whether it helped to preserve them. It certainly does not ever seem to have damaged them. Since I usually store my boats indoors UV has not been a big concern. And, in fact, I have stopped using it on boats, largely for that reason. I was more concerned with this when I used to leave the boats outside at my ex-boyfriend's country place for extended periods over the summer. Back then I would wipe them down with 303 at least once a month..

I imagine the only way you could "prove" whether it was a useful product for boat preservation or not would be to treat one boat and not treat another just like it and subject both to the same level of exposure and abuse for an extended period. I am not aware of anyone ever having done that.

But I will say that I have found that since I began spraying it on fabrics on my outdoor furnishings (I have two huge covered porches that are amply furnished for outdoor living and dining including a sofa, several chairs, and many colorful pillows, cushions and carpets) they don't fade drastically any more the way that they used to every year. So the stuff clearly does block UV significantly.

Then again, my outdoor furniture doesn't get submerged in water all the time so it doesn't speak to how well 303 might last on a boat or how often it would need to be applied. I recently sprayed it on some of the plastic exterior parts of my new car (recalling how these parts were very dulled and sun damaged on my last vehicle) and will be curious to see the long term affects of this application.

I wouldn’t bother for the hul/deck
As it makes it slippery. If you’re really concerned about uv degradation to the hull putting it in the shade or a cover is the better choice but the best application is rubber hatches, polypropylene webbing, seat covers, bungie etc.

You could use it for cosmetic reasons for the hull and deck but any well used canoe or kayak is going to get scratches, water stains and abrasion anyway. The type of long duration sun exposure that turns a red boat pinkish might be reduced a little with regular applications but it would still be cosmetic.

303 is good stuff but for the amount required to be applied regularly and the slipperiness you’d deal with I wouldn’t find worthwhile compared to simply storing the kayak where it gets some shade.

using for about 8 years works great but no substitution for a cover.

there are a lot of old threads
on pnet in the archives about 303… Do a search… Many feel 303 is too temporary and a waste of time.

That is the pro wax crowd.

My canoe lives on top on my truck rack year round and is directly exposed to sunlight with no cover is part of the reason why i was asking about the quality and longevity of the protectant. so for i don’t have cracking but i do see slight fading and for the cost of my investment i thought it prudent to try to protect it somehow.

Do a search of pnet
As kayamedic said, there have been long discussions of this product recently.

If I wax I have to worry about deck lines and other stuff getting wax on them. 303 does it all. It takes so little time to use I don’t care if I wipe the kayak every few weeks. I have many uses so I go on ebay and get a gallon for 50 bucks. Just used it on my kayak 3 weeks go and washed it with car wash 4 times and it’s still beading up. Personally no matter what you put on anything the UV will ruin it over time even our own skin even though it regrows unlike kayak and canoes. 22’ Libra kayak takes 2-3 minutes to do with 303. Use it on my Whaler and it last 3-4 weeks on the deck in full sun water still beads. Usually don’t let it go that long because it’s so easy to apply. Use it on autos and webbing on outdoor furniture.

Why no cover?
If it lives on top of your truck, why wouldn’t you just put a cover on it?

Do covers stay on while driving.
I wouldn’t use one if it had to come off while driving.

of course a good one does.
Tha Bag Lady makes good covers for storage and travel

what are your boats made of?

covering is easy
When I have had to leave a boat outside for any period of time, on or off a car, I usually try to cover it. I bought several light canvas tarps that are 5’ x 20’ (Sherwin Williams paint stores sell these, watch for their 60% off sales). Takes a minute to throw one over a boat with a couple of bungees to keep it in place. I take these with me when I travel too, to protect and obscure my kayaks when I have to leave them on my car in a motel parking lot overnight.

works as adverte

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use on deck, strap, shock cords...to rudder. Use on shock cords n straps shows protection n rejuvenation. Use on gelcoat seems to penetrate, fills cracks n voids you cannot see, and forms a hard shell if allowed drying in hot sun for 2-3 days, that's not waterproof but water resistant as in a rain storm if not periods of submersion.

http://www.seattlefabrics.com/nylons.html#UV Resistant Flagcloth Uncoated Oxford use able for a cover. Sew Urown.

The 303 is useful for long car topping times. If no cover.

Using 303 as a long term stationary storage protection is not in order.