31-Miles Manhattan Circumnavigation

31-Miles Manhattan Circumnavigation full trip video - Enjoy!

This an annual supported event with powered vessels sponsored by the NY Yonkers Paddling And Rowing Club. This is a bucket list kayaking trip if you never done it.

That’s me doing all the camera work and video producing. My first and very fun trip doing this circumnavigation. I would do it again next year.


Definitely on my bucket list. Just have to figure out the logistics one year and I will be there!


Human powered

Nice! Pretty cool adventure for those who don’t mind “urban venues…” (can’t get more urban than NYC!). I think the inclusion of a “safety” jetski is a great idea.

Thanks for sharing. Nicely done video.


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That looks amazing. Non-stop historic views as you paddle along. I’d love to do that some day, but 31 miles might be a bit long, even with favourable currents, winds, and tides. Maybe if they shortened the route by cutting a channel through Cental Park. :smirk:

A few years ago the Mayor’s Cup Race was tied into this. I have to admit that the East River is one of the most treacherous pieces of water I ever raced on.

Kudos to all who have tried this paddle.

NY is home to two very treacherous pieces of water. The East River being #2. The worst is the Hell’s Gate where Long Island Sound empties into Hudson Bay. When the tide is running, you are in for a hell of a ride no matter what watercraft you are piloting.

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Hell’s Gate might be where I was almost run over by a ferry. I hit a sleigh ride with my surfski and let it take me away, because I was too tired to fight it, and all of the sudden a Ferry was right there.

A couple of seconds before it looked to be a mile away.

I searched Hell’s Gate and it points to the just area east of Randalls Island. Is that where hell is? If not, coords would be appreciated. I’ve been told many times to go there, but would really prefer to avoid it.

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Hell Gate - Wikipedia Hell Gate - Wikipedia

use navionics map then pull up coordinates you want.

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Let me know if you need a kayak to appear for you. Beats trying to stuff it into overhead luggage on the flight.

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Thanks Marshall. I have the Tempest in NH, but it still might be easier to have a boat just “appear” for sure. I appreciate the offer!

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Thanks for the video. I’ve done that route on a bike. Fun! Very interesting changes in the landscape.

Those were interesting reads on Hell Gate.

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Going with this large group with support powered vessels clearing the path ahead and notifying other boats to slow down helps tremendously. The sights were beautiful. Normally I would prefer less houses and scenic natures but Manhattan skylines are definitely amazing.

I think there were 19 bridges we passed through.