318 lbs looking for cheap kayak

Looking for a cheap kayak I’m around 318lbs “currently on the descent of weight” I was wondering if a 325 would be fine or should I go bigger not looking for spend to much on one

Glad you want to get into this.

What do you mean by “a 325”. Load capacity? Those loads are paddler plus gear, so it matters if you would want to try camping.

That said, most kayaks paddle a bit more enjoyably if they are not sitting at the top of their carrying capacity. More like a Mac truck than a kayak if you are at the top end.

Yeah I do mean 325 weight capacity it’ll be used for fishing mainly maybe some light rivers nothing crazy

I would consider going a bit bigger to get some head room even w/o a lot of gear. A kayak can be a bear to get moving when it is that close to its limit.

Not sure what head room means in a kayak, but look at boats with a 400 lb capacity or more.
There are lots of fishing kayaks available now.

Consider a tandem. Most cheap kayaks don;t have much capacity.

How cheap is cheap? 100, 200, 400, 600? New or used? Add for paddle and life vest.

By head room I mean weight or capacity to spare. Did not expect it to be a confusing idea.

At my height head room is very important in a vertical perspective. Got the scars on my forehead to remind me.

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My first kayak cost $250…I then went out and spent $1,000 on accessories.

Yes we did.