32nd annual post Thanksgiving paddle

Our paddle club, the Lansing Oar & Paddle Club (LOAPC) has a long standing tradition of getting out on the water on the friday after Thanksgiving. This year we were back to the Huron River (Michigan) to paddle the 9 miles or so from Hudson Mills to Dehli. It was about as nice a day for this paddle as I can remember with temps in the 40s, sunny, and not much wind on the river. This is a plesant section of river. Mostly gentle with a few features to play in and a fun ending in Dehli rapids.


The Day-After-Turkey paddle is a bit of a tradition around here as well - at least for whitewater paddlers. I had family obligations on Friday, but fortunately for me there was rain in the forecast for Friday so most people waited to paddle on Saturday. The rain didn’t amount to much, but there was still plenty of water for a Tville run. It was sunny and temps hit the mid 50’s - perfect day. I was in a group that put-in around 11:00. There were also groups at 12:00 and 1:00. Probably 30 people on the river.

Few pictures here:

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I used to take guest fishing at Pyramid Lake, NV where the lake record is 43 pounds for Lanhontan cutthroat trout.

Great to see skilled paddlers using the right equipment and paying attention to safety. Kudos to your club.

Looks like fun.

Alas, what is there at the Dehli rapids is about as good as it gets around here unless we want to go to tomorrow. I thought about taking the Rival just to get it wet but didn’t really want to spend all that flat water on my knees. The Rendezvous is perfect for that kind of water.

Yup - I know what you mean - I have my Wildfire/Yellowstone Solo for those trips. I used to spend most of the time kneeling, but now I spend a lot more time sitting. I am pretty lucky to have Tville close by - its only 1.5 hours away. Still, I’ll take a 9-mile moving water trip like you did any day.

I’m jealous. I like that section of the Huron and Friday was a beautiful day.