34" wide SOT paddle

Hi folks,

I’m shopping for paddles for a 34" wide SOT tandem, and suspecting the guides we find repeated all over the 'net may not account for such a wide SOT. Any advice on length, type, brand is welcome. The paddlers are:

4’ 1" age 8
5’ 0" age 11
5’ 4" adult female
6’ 0" adult male

The primary users will be the 11 year old and adult female, so they’re the priority. I wouldn’t mind also having paddles for the adult male (me) and 8 year old, as well, even if they aren’t used as often.

Usage will be New Jersey barrier island bays and our local lakes, with perhaps a very occaiosional trip on the Delaware or other local (calm) rivers. No whitewater thrashers here, covering long distances on the bays in moderate wind and chop without fatigue is the priority.

I expect they’ll be using this just a few times each summer, so no need to invest in the same level of equipment you’d recommend for someone using it every weekend, as long as the quality and performance is good enough to avoid frustration.

Thanks a lot, paddlers!

Perhaps a couple of these;

to start with? They make a 215-230 cm and a 225-240 cm. available in fiberglass or lighter weight composite.


Excellent. But what length for which paddler? The charts don’t seem to take into account t a 34” wide boat with the increased seat height of a SOT.

The advantage of a Slice-Plus paddle is you can select any range between 215-230 cm for one, and 225-240 cm for the other. On mine, I might change paddle length more than once while on the water for a day’s paddling.

Canoecopia (Rutabaga Paddlesports) started today - maybe Bending Branches will offer special pricing…

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Thanks! Hadn’t realized those were adjustable. If that doesn’t add too much weight, they may be the ticket.

Bending Branches is offering 15% off all purchases made at virtual Canoecopia, plus a free hat.

Available glass or lighter weight carbon ($$$ prices vary). But dollars can add up quickly. There are less expensive ways to determine comfortable, appropriate individual’s paddle lengths.

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