$350 and a ball of string

I thought I would share a recent blog post on the launch of my latest kayak build:


nice blog
And neat photo.

As an aside, I’ve wanted to paddle the north shore for some time.

$300 and a ball of string

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Hi Christopher… Great job and pics too..! You'll find ways to cut the cost dramatically as time goes on… The last time I built, it was two at the same time for a total cost of about $300 for the both of them, and I already had the ball of string… : )

Like your's they were also based on a wood kayak, the strip-built Black Pearl… Someday I hope to reverse engineer your Shrike design into a Skin-on-Frame…

Enjoy your new SOF, performance boats don't have to be expensive…!


Beautiful SOF! Nice job. How do you like paddling it?

You are a chip off the old block !
the only difference is you need your hands to roll.

All dear old dad has to do is say “roll boat” and the boat rolls automatically.

Beautiful boat and nice pictures !

Jack L

I enjoyed your blog.
Coincidentally, my town finished #6 in that same Budget Travel poll.