37 pound 16' We-no-nah Kevlar Adirondack for $600 in mid-state NY

I was searching the Saratoga Springs, NY, Facebook Marketplace listings for a potential replacement kayak for my brother who lives up there and spotted this ad recently posted for a 16’ Kevlar We-no-nah Adirondack in Gloversville, an hour northwest of Albany.
I’d consider it myself but am 500 miles away. But perhaps worth alerting p.commers to it.

Since the current new price of one of these is over $3,000 and the canoe looks pretty intact, $600 seems like a good deal for a well regarded very lightweight tandem (37 pounds).

If the link below fails, the Marketplace listing number is 1347432832630508.

Just bought a new one…closer to $4k!

That does look like a good deal unless the parts not visible are trashed. It’ll go quickly in that area if it’s solid.