372 Days November

Number of days between leisure paddles. Finally got the bubble tight enough to get someone to watch my patient while I paddled for a few hours on the river of my youth.
Epic Leisure.
Cool, sunny, light wind. In my 4mi. sojourn I got dehydrated. Drysuit felt perfect, but was sweating me out. I was hydrating too. Reverse mirage syndrome, that not feeling thirsty sitting in a pool of cool. I still fit that new drysuit.
Couple of captures. I shot at the swans blind through the last of the wild rice. I watched them a while before they flew. 15 years ago they were not skittish, they were nosy.
SOF still had a valid reg. Felt very tender.
No Rolls. I will give the eyesurgery some more time before soaking them in manure. It is still a pretty river. Otter Tail above Phelps Mill

Keep yer paddles wet, Peace J


Such a long time to be landlocked. Glad you had a chance to reconnect.

You did good on the swan shot!