3D printing hatch covers

I am having trouble finding a replacement hatch cover for a '93 Seda Glider I bought recently.
Does anyone know if there are people doing 3D printing of hatch covers? Are the materials that the 3D printers use even compatable with the flexibility and resilency needed for this purpose?

You could definitely have one printed if you had a solid model.

As you say, the issue may be material stength. 3D printed plastic is printed like layers of spagetti stacked on top of each other. The plastic has very good strength parallel to the direction of printing, but very poor strength perpendicular to its lay.

Since a hatch cover would have pressure exerted from (more or less) all directions, I’m not sure if it would be strong enough for open water/critical to life journeys. It would probably be fine for smaller bodies of water though, assuming you’re not betting your life on it.

Another thing you could do is wrap a 3d printed cover in fiberglass or carbon fiber. That would add a lot of strength to it, ideally with layers on both sides. Once you have the template applying glass or carbon isnt too difficult depending on your finish requirements.

  1. I just bought a bunch of printed Maroski fittings. I think the 3d printer is good for that since it will be encased in fiberglass upon installation. I think a 3d printed hatch might be over stepping the technology at this point.

  2. Seda Paddle Sports has been making boats since 1969. Have you asked them about a new hatch?

  3. I suspect a new one could be fabricated by most fiberglass shops if you had to old one.

I guess I will have to do some retrofitting. Make it work with a hard cover.
To me, the coming looks like it is set up for a rubber kajak (valley style) hatch cover. It looks the same as what I have on my Impex boat, just not the same size.
I have e-mailed Seda twice with no response.
I’m frustrated, because I want to get this boat out and get back in paddliong shape.

They currently show two different types of hatch covers. The aft hatch is often a solid somewhat square hard cover with round “rubber” covers on the others places. Which is your problem hatch? If it is the round ones you can likley order by inside diameter. But you have to make sure it is ID not OD.

I think seda is out of business I think. Probably other manufactures used similar hatches.

I’d post a picture with a ruler for scale in both directions. Someone here may have an idea for a match.

Last I saw they were still in business.
The front is a standard 8" Valley style cover, easy to replace.
The rear measures 18 1/2" X 13 3/4" (with 1" overhang all around) and is raised 1" above the deck.
My local outfitter assured me they were Valley style covers.
Are these hard cover hatches?

That buckle upper left of pic. Was that used to secure the hatch?

If so it is a solid designed hatch instead of rubber.

Thanks, I was doubting that.
I know the people at Top kayaker can make me what I need.

Hard hatch cover is listed here on the Seda web site for $100. Neoprene cover is here on the same site for $65 If it’s like the older Necky sea kayaks, I would assume that the neoprene cover goes under the hard cover to make it water tight.

They mention that third party manufacturers make a Valley style soft rubber snap on cover, but I couldn’t find one.