3M 5200 sealant/adhesive cure time?

Per 3M, 5200 supposedly cures in 24-hours. Well, I installed a new skeg slider box on my P&H Scorpio LV only to have it fall out 24-hours later when I went to complete the job.

I reinstalled the box this morning using additional 5200. I leave for a kayaking camping trip in three days. What are the chances that this adhesive will cure by then? Thanks.

I found…

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3M says tack-free in 48 hours, cures completely in 5-7 days.

I've used it and it is permanent once it cures.

Did you use the Fast Cure?

Good luck, GH

It did not use the “fast” cure
Only the standard 5200 was available at our local Home Depot.

It tacks up after a day or so, but I always give it about a week before I consider it ready to go.

I just installed a new slider box in my Capella. Had to (carefully) melt out the old one.

Cleaned out the box thoroughly, roughed it up, applied GENEROUS amount of 5200, placed in new box, taped up with styrofoam blocks to hold pressure.

I peeked at the box the next day and it was still not set. Re-did it, waited 2 days this time, and all was well. I’d re-do right now and you’ll probably be OK.

and I didn’t use the fast cure either. So, while it set in 2 days, I still left it alone for a week.

Fred thanks.

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That's exactly what I did this morning. 24 hours after the initial application of 5200 the adhesive looked like it has just come out of the tube.

I applied more this morning. I will just completely tape the skeg slider box in place and not do the final attachment of the skeg cable until the 5200 has cured in 7-14 days.

I successfully used it to put together
a minicell triple saddle assembly where contact cement was not feasible. The 5200 did need a few days to be secure, but since then it has held with complete reliability.

Still, I think of it as more a sealant than and adhesive. I’ll go for an adhesive when the right one is available.

Yep on that week …
The 4200 works good too and the fast is fast.

Not as fast as Epoxy with a little thickener.