3M SOLAS tape

I’m trying to remove some 3M (SOLAS) reflective tape from the shaft of my carbon fiber wing paddle. For some reason this is proving to be very difficult. Anyone have any advice on the best way to remove this kind of tape?


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I don't think the USCG wants it removed from
the articles it was intended to be used on.

Perhaps these guys can help you out with an "antidote"

heat and then solvent
such as goo gone or acetone. Followed by gentle scraping or scrubbing pad. You can wet sand any marks off shaft with 1000 or finer grit.

Hair Dryer
heat most tapes up and they come right off. Finish up with adhesive remover

Just my guess

why remove
something that was applied for good/great reason, especially when it is a fantastic product that may save you from harm and/or death? You may have a good reason, just curious.


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Probably because it's ugly. Style > safety (until you need it anyway).

Also--when I have paddled my kayak at night using a headlamp--the occasional high stroke can blind you for a few moments with the light reflecting off of the shaft.

I would also like to hear the reasoning. Even though I'm not against removing it at all.

for the tip. I’ll give that a try.

removing because…
old stuff is kinda weathered. I want to remove the old tape and put a new one with a little more width.

Remove tape
Have you tried nail polish or acetone?

curiosity has been satisfied. Hope you find the right answer(s). I wonder if 3M or the maker of your paddle has an answer? Best of luck.

I would not use acetone, because
the paddle is laid up with epoxy, and acetone will soften the surface of epoxy, temporarily. It would be better to find a solvent that does not affect the epoxy. One might look through the technical notes on the West Epoxy site. They may make a solvent that is completely “safe.”

I agree…
I wasn’t planning on using acetone. I figured it would be too harsh on the carbon fiber. I plan on heating it up with a blow dryer and then using something like the 3M citrus based solvent.

It’s the epoxy matrix around the carbon
fiber I’m concerned about. On heating, try to use just enough heat to get the tape loose.

Cost of a phone call ??

Personal Safety Products

3M Occupational Health and

Environmental Safety Division

3M Center, Building 0235-02-F-06

St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

800-328-7098, Ext. 2

3M Canada

P. O. Box 5757

London, Ontario, Canada N6A 4T1


could you call them
…and post what they say here?

Nope - I’m cheap

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you do it - take one for the team

Google 3M Scotchlite Removal