3rd Surf Session - Stratos 14.5s & Cedar GP

Beautiful 2.5-3’ swells today with an offshore wind to clean. Sunny and near 80 degrees. Lots of surfers AND beachgoers by the parking area. So, here the longboat shines. I paddled about .5 miles down the beach and had it to myself for the most part.

Having already surfed with the Gearlab Aukunack and Akiak, I figured I might as well finish the trifecta by using my own hand carved GP. I knew I wasn’t going to have great results with it but figure I do it and get a full sense before moving back to my Euro paddles. As if on cue, I had the klutziest launch in quite awhile. I left the full launch on the video. The rest of the video is of my ok rides. Full disclosure - it’s deceiving because my rudder control was off as well as my timing for catching waves (need WAY more lead strokes with the cedar GP). I missed and fell off more waves because of bad steering than what is seen on the video. Another beautiful day with beautiful waves, but mediocre surfing again.



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