3xl or 4xl PFD's?

Just trying to locate some larger PFD’s. All I see are 2xl. Trying to find some 3xl or 4xl’s. I’m a big boy at 6’2" and 310 lbs. I don’t really like the fishing style. Looking for something more mainstream. Is it gonna happen? Thanks in advance…Doc

They all have the same amount of floatation (s, M L). The only difference is the length of the straps. You might think about getting a 2x and adding too or replacing the straps.

America’s Cup Ultrafloat maybe?
You will sometimes see this listed as for “up to 230 lbs” but there isn’t much else out there that provides nearly 30 lbs of floatation. Its universal fit should allow plenty of adjustments for large folks, and it is designed with a waist buckle so it is less prone to ride up. Will work well in a canoe, possibly a SOT, but is too long to work well in most SINKs.

try MTI
MTI seems to have a number of styles that go up to xxl/xxxl (46"-56"). I’m your size and I’ve got a Reflex II that fits me well and could fit someone larger.

It doesn’t look like the Reflex II is a current model, but there is a Reflex that looks very similar. A quick check shows the Dio, Solaris, Cruiser SE, Journey, and APF are also listed in that size too.


The Extrasport Universal Livery jacket fits up to 56 inch chest. I have put some big people in those vests.

Stohlquist A-Sea
I am similarly sized, and found comfort in the Stohlquist A-Sea. Fits up to 54" chest comfortably.