4 choices High End Inflatable SUP - HELP (Pretty Please!)

Would love advice on high-end inflatable SUP. Understand the pros and cons of inflatable SUP, so please don’t make it about that. Intended use is to take the SUP on my boat, primarily in the Bahamas, and cruise around the pristine ocean shallows with the SUP. For the intended use, I am going with an all around inflatable SUP around 10.6 feet in length and 32 inches wide. Willing to spend around $1,300 to $1,500 for the inflatable SUP, which (I think*) should allow me to get a (relative) great performer. I have narrowed down the search to 4 candidates, would love this forum of experts opinion on these four. I am 5’9 and 160 lbs.
More specifically, am interested in the following 4, all in the price range of $1,300 to $1,500:

  • 2021 HALA Carbon Straight Up
  • 2021 RED PaddleCo Ride MSL 10.6
  • 2020 Earth River v3 10.7
  • 2021 Starboard IGO Deluxe 10.8

Which one would you recommend if you have knowledge / experience with these. They do have distinctly different shapes, yet all are categorized as all-rounders. I would really appreciate it. Below is more information on the four candidates. Thanks!

Hala Carbon Straight up
Price: $1,399
Dimensions: 10.6 x 32 x 6
Volume : 311 liter
Weight: 23.5 lbs

Red PaddleCo 10.6 Ride MSL
Price: $1,299
Dimensions: 10.6 x 32 x 4.7
Volume 245 liters
Weight: 22lbs

Earth River SUP ERS v3 10.7
Price: $1,329
Dimensions: 10.7 x 32 x 5
Volume TBD
Weight: 25lbs

Starboard IGO DeLuxe SUP windsurfer
Price: the $1,249
Dimensions: 10.8 x 33 x 6
Volume: 331 liter
Weight: 24 lbs

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A few things to think about. How much do you weigh? Do you really need 330 L of volume? You will find as you get more experience that a lower volume board will perform better. Starboard and Red Paddle are brands that you can buy through lots of different sources. Beware of brands that are only sold online through one distributor. Check out if you can actually see people paddling any of these boards on the open ocean in reviews, youtube videoYou’ll find most reviews are from people who sell the things. Mostly you will find they are bought by beginner flat water paddlers. Best to find a way to try out before you buy. With inflatables the rigidity and ability to hold inflation pressure, quality of the valves, seams etc , and the quality of the pumping systems are really important.


Hi. I have a 10.6 Ride by Red PaddleCo. I don’t get out on it much but I can say it is quality built. It performs well and is a good all around paddle board. It comes with the dual chamber pump for quicker inflation. It also came with a very well built storage / carry case with wheels and straps to carry on your back. It is easy to inflate and to deflate. Red PaddleCo only makes inflatable SUPs so they really have well built SUPs.


What’s your skill level? That’s pretty important. If you plan on doing ocean paddling, consider a more flatwater design with a pointed nose instead of a rounded one like a surfboard.

Of all of those, I would pick either the Red or the Starboard. Hala is great, but they’re more designed for whitewater than ocean. I don’t think Earth River is quite the same quality as the others. Red is probably the best inflatable you can buy, BTW, bu you pay for it. Another board to consider are SIC Maui Okeanos line. They have a 11’, 12’6", and a 14" board. I have the 12’6", and it’s pretty tough.