4 day kayak / fishing trip @ New River

I’m taking a 4 day, 3 night trip down the New River in Red River Gorge, WV this summer with 3 other fellas.

We’re going to be camping, fishing, and I may even bring a .22 to hunt coyotes with.

There are mostly class I, II, and rarely - III rapids on the route.

I’m a very experienced hiker, fisherman, camper, and hunter.

I’ve never done a kayak or canoe trip of this length. I’ve only done day canoe and kayak events in sleepy rivers or lakes, and I haven’t done those in 10 years, but I’m looking forward to getting into it.

At the end of the day, I’m looking for a kayak I can take on this trip that I can use locally. I’m looking at a 12’ Eagle Run (from Dick’s) - good price and seems like it would handle rapids.

What are your thoughts?

A .22 enough?
I don’t know if a .22 is enough…y/n?


My thoughts are:
if you have never done class II-III before you are making a mistake

Jack L

I have never done class II or III.

It is the segment from Hinton to Thurmond. They say not recommended for beginners, but good for intermediate.

… it should be…
It should be enough. Besides, the nighttime regulations for coyote require a .22 or #4 shot or smaller.

Yeah, small - I know.